Volunteering Abroad Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Sustaining a Cloud Forest Ecuador



We are a self-sustainable project inspiring to save the cloud forest around us through volunteerism and tourism, in order to grow and preserve existing wildlife. The goal is to provide an alternative way of making a living for surrounding land owners; those who make a living through selling lumber or cutting down forest to make pastures for milk […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 week minimum, 3 months maximum

Age requirement:
We accept volunteers of all ages and love to host families and groups

US$250 for one week and then US$18 per day thereafter. The fee includes three meals a day, room of your own, internet usage, purchase of small trees, hiring of locals for projects.

Other information:


Family friendly volunteer project
"In February 2017 we, a family of 5, travelled to Las Tolas in Ecuador to volunteer for Reserva Mundo and Luis. We were welcomed with open arms and warm hearts by Luis, his family and the village. Reserva Mundo is a project founded on one man's great dream, in a small village. We lived in the home of Luis, like proper locals. Quite a different life from what we were used to, working in and with beautiful nature surrounding us, and friendly people. The children's enjoyed the stay, and adapted quite nicely. There were some things that were frustrating, the most important of them being the lack of water at certain times during the day. However, an experience that gives perspective."- Ariane Spandow

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