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Volunteer with the Flying Doctors Mexico



We are a non-profit organisation that provides free health care and education to hundreds of needy people. Our pilots and their planes transport medical staff and support volunteers to our clinics in Mexico, where local people are given medical, dental, and eye care that they would not get otherwise. Many people are treated, both children and ad […]

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Dates of program:
First Friday of each month from October through June

Duration of program:
3 days (Friday to Sunday)

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

There is no cost to participate but volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses (accommodation, food, etc). Volunteers will be encouraged to pay their respective pilots a contribution and partial reimbursement of the costs of flying to Mexico for each trip to a clinic. This sum will be then turned over to the respective pilot, for each passenger on his or her aircraft, as partial reimbursement and sharing of the costs other round trip from Northern/Southern California and Arizona to the clinics in Sinaloa, Mexico. Reimbursement shall be based on the number of passengers a pilot transports to Mexico. All volunteers who participate in clinic activities in Mexico will be required to acquire membership with our organization on the first trip that they will be participating in each year. Membership cost is US$25 for students, US$50 for individuals, and US$75 for households.

Other information:
All volunteers must be based in the United States. We organise several day trips for our volunteers (Copper Canyon, Baja Whales Trip etc).


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