Volunteering Abroad Shouldn't Cost the Earth


World in Hand

Below we have created some links to sites that we think will help budget-conscious volunteers and those interested in travel philanthropy make a difference. We intend to add more useful links in the near future.

Volunteer 4 Africa is a non-profit organisation that provides information on voluntary organisations and charities throughout Africa. If you want to volunteer in Africa without an excessive price tag attached or are looking for philanthropic travel opportunities then look no further. An easy-to-use resource for anyone seeking cheap volunteer opportunities or organisations in need of supplies.
Volunteer for Africa: Essential Guide to Volunteering in Africa and Providing Aid for Voluntary Organizations When Travelling Abroad (Kindle Edition). The Volunteer for Africa eBook is the ultimate guide for people looking for volunteer opportunities or wanting to make a real difference the next time they travel by using their journey to deliver supplies to worthy causes throughout Africa.