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Volunteer Latin America Reviews

Here are the latest experiences and reviews from previous volunteers on current and past projects. If you are interested in reading more volunteer reviews you can view the information on-screen by clicking on this link (PDF 270K): volunteer latin america reviews.

Volunteer Latin America enabled me to volunteer in Mexico for 5 months in 2016. Their website provided pertinent information about the projects and allowed me to contact the organisations that I was interested in working with. I had an amazing time at my placement and the institution provides a great support for all of the boys living there. I would definitely recommend having at least intermediate Spanish skills when you arrive though! Thanks Volunteer Latin America, you were quick to respond and able to chase up organisations when I didn't get a response. Madeleine Ford

Hands down the best experience I had in South America. The team at Volunteer Latin America are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend them! Can't wait to go back and volunteer through them again!! Dominique Tolliver

I first used Volunteer Latin America in 2011. At the time I knew I wanted to go to South America, but had no idea where. They helpfully sent me a big list of potential projects, and even sent on more specific Peruvian ones when I narrowed down my options. I ended up having a great time volunteering in northern Peru for a few months - kind of off the beaten track in a little surfing village near Trujillo. Now I am on sabbatical in 2016 and looking forward to seeing how their new system works and what projects are on offer today. Matt Haikin

Hello to all the team of Volunteer Latin America! I thought you might be interested to know thanks to your help I volunteered from two months with Makitia, Huancayo, Peru. I had a absolutely fantastic experience. The director is exemplary: she manages to take care of the children of the community centre to do her work with incredible dedication while being still available for the volunteers. Being a small organisation, it is easy to figure out where the money goes and to figure out it's all used for the kids. On top of this I met incredible people (both volunteers and locals). In brief, it was an amazing experience, thanks for your help! Bernard Landon

I wish to thank all the team at Volunteer Latin America who have been exceptional in helping out when needed. I did two placements that I had found through their website and this gave me the opportunity to work with fantastic children who were so willing to learn. The organisation I first volunteered with in Guatemala was very well run and gave me a lot both humanly and professionally. A fantastic experience. Through the second one, in Peru, I learned many things about international volunteering and the issues that can arise. After experiencing a problem with the organisation, the team at Volunteer Latin America did all they could and beyond to help out and make sure that the issue was dealt with. Even months after, the team offered their support when I needed it. You don't get this kind of empathy in online organisations very often. A big thank you to them for making international volunteering possible and to do what they can to ensure that it all runs smoothly! Thanks again. All the very best. Sara Imperatori

I spent 2 weeks working in the beautiful surroundings of El Limonal with several other volunteers. It was very interesting to see an established Permaculture site. I was especially impressed by the degree of ecological restoration which had been achieved there, in comparison with the degraded hills resulting from conventional agriculture and deforestation. We worked on several different projects including planting, composting and routine maintenance, along with other jobs involving irrigation systems. Piett is a hard working man with a vision and any volunteer will gain a lot from his knowledge and experience. Peter Cullen

Volunteer Latin America is a great resource for those looking for oportunities abroad. I first discovered Mayatan through your site almost 4 years ago, and hope to continue working with them well into the future. For this, I am very grateful for your site! Many thanks, Stephen Evans

Thank you so much for all that you and your organisation does - the majority of our program's volunteers find out about us through your website. Without your work we would be really struggling to take the steps that we are to re-vegetate cleared areas of the cloud forest, protect what is left and provide the community with alternative sources of revenue from eco-tourism. With heartfelt thanks and best wishes, Emma Swann

Thank you so much for all these proposals! They all look amazing! Best regards, Sylvia Rochat

Hi, I've recently got back from volunteering in Peru for 6 months and Ecuador for 1 month. The children's homes I was volunteering at in Cusco have been having a bad time financially. I have just redone their website as it had gone offline, and they are not getting a lot of volunteers coming through at the moment who they rely on for funds. They use Original Volunteers but the manager had been unaware how much of the money they keep. I was wondering if/how he would be able to get the homes registered on your site, they really are a great place to go and the children are wonderful. The Reserva Mundo Verde Cloud forest reserve that I found through your site and went to in Ecuador was great and the couple who run it are lovely. Thank you, Rowena Jackson

Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly. I have to be honest, you guys have been by far the most efficient company I have dealt with for a long time. Many thanks, Jonay Marrero

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your site for inspiring me to go for it! This will be my first trip to South America and now feel a whole lot better about travelling on my own. You have helped me a lot. Thanks again Stephen, Megan Fredericks

I've just finished up with the Manu Tropical Bird Research Program. I had an amazing time, met some wonderful people, and gained some invaluable experience. I cannot thank yourself and the Volunteer Latin America team enough for all your work in making such fantastic opportunities known and for gathering them all in one convenient place. I'll be keeping close watch on the website for more of your 100% legitimate, volunteer projects where I can really make a difference without paying an arm and a leg for the privilege. I attach a photo of myself halfway up a tree, about to return a tawny bellied screech owl nestling to his hollow. Just one of the many incredible moments I enjoyed with this project. Pauline Pearse