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Volunteer at Eco-lodge Close to Iguazu Falls Argentina



Our lodge and private nature reserve is fully committed to responsible volunteer work following modern concepts of sustainable tourism.
There are two volunteer possibilities:
From October to April - We receive volunteers to assist our environmental guides during the eco-tours organized by our lodge.
From April to October […]

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Dates of program:
From early October to the end of April for Ecotourism; from the end of April to beginning of October for English lessons

Duration of program:
1 month minimum, 3 months maximum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 25+

We provide free accommodation, activities and transfers. Volunteers must cover their own food costs (cheap) and insurance.

Other information:


Best volunteer experience ever!
"We are Joana and Diogo and we've just been volunteering for a month at the Lodge and its massive Nature Reserve. It's even difficult to put into words everything we lived there, and you might find it difficult to believe that we haven't got one single negative factor about the whole experience. The team who works here and with who we shared a big chunk of our time is really nice, friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and super fun. Mostly, they are all fascinated about their jobs and nature conservation which was excellent for was to perceive. The tasks we had to perform as volunteers - mostly, producing social media content for their blog, website, Facebook and Instagram, - were accessible but challenging enough to keep us interested at all times. Besides, there was absolutely no negative pressure by the people responsible for us but a really enthusiastic motivation coming from someone so so nice that only made us want to give the best of ourselves to Yacutinga. The volunteer conditions were incredible: we had our own room and toilet, three gorgeous meals per day (the cooks at this place are unbelievable!), and the possibility to join the Lodge's activities which included guided tours through the jungle and kayaking in the Iguazu River. So we tried our best to help not only with the social media content but also contributing a bit for the kitchen with our vegan cooking skills and for the staff with language practice (English). It was honestly a fascinating opportunity that we will never forget. We are truly appreciated to every single person who made this place and our experience possible, and wish the best there is in the world to them."- Diogo Oliveira

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