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Want to volunteer abroad for free or at reasonable cost in Central or South America? Search through our extensive range of volunteer opportunities and internships to find a position that matches your needs or personal interests, and make direct contact with the project by email or online.

Volunteer abroad for free in Central and South America

Study Abroad

Want to learn Spanish in Central or South America? We offer a special list of study abroad programs for students interested in learning the Spanish language in Latin America. All the Spanish and Portuguese language schools listed on this site facilitate student volunteering abroad.

Learn Spanish in Latin America


  • Ethical volunteering overseas
  • Reputable voluntary organisations
  • Make a real difference to communities and the environment
  • Trusted long-term source of volunteering opportunities
  • Volunteering opportunities for under 18s and families
  • Best programs with animals
  • Work exchange programs - free accommodation and food
  • Affordable membership
  • Programs for students
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Volunteer Latin America

Volunteer Latin America is an environmental and animal friendly organisation that facilitates voluntary service overseas in Central and South America. The benefits of volunteering through us include the very real prospect of volunteering abroad for free and minimal effort on your part. We make often the most daunting part of planning overseas volunteering relatively simple by providing precise information on some of the cheapest and best volunteer abroad programs in Central and South America. Whether you are interested in volunteering with animals in Costa Rica, teaching English in Ecuador, medical work in Peru, or even all expenses paid volunteering with free flights to Central or South America, visit the voluntary work pages of this website to find suitable opportunities by type of work, countries or keywords. If required, we can help you find a suitable opportunity, matching your skills and interests with organisations and projects.