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Volunteer Latin America Reviews

Here are the latest reviews from our members and genenral audience. If you are interested in reading more reviews you can view the information on-screen by clicking on this link (PDF 443K - 63 pages): volunteer latin america reviews.

The site is very easy to navigate and shows all the information clearly. It was easy to find the kind of place I was looking for through the different drop-down options. I found and got connected with my organisation very easily and quickly. You have been super helpful with getting flight information together - thank you very much for running the different flight searches for me! I don't doubt that I will be back in contact within the year to look for more opportunities to volunteer during my travels through South America.

Thank you!

Heather Mac


The project suggestions were awesome but what impressed me most was their flight recommendations. Would highly recommend this company to everyone seeking the lowest cost flights. A great service.

Thank you again.

Bryan Sinclair


Stephen, thanks for going the extra mile. We solved our volunteer problem, with L**** B****.

Great service.



I have just reapplied for basic membership again to your wonderful site. Thanks to your site I was able to find a wonderful opportunity to volunteer at a rescue centre in Costa Rica. I spent 3 months there and enjoyed every second so much so I was really hoping to go back to Costa Rica and hopefully find a paid job opportunity there within the same field as I have now gained valuable experience.

Thank you again

Giacomo Kitchen


I really wanted to volunteer with children in Central America as it had been my dream for ages, but all of them were extremely expensive for a student. One day, I found vounteerlatinamerica.com and saw all the possibilities that I was looking for. I got in touch with Volunteer Latin America and they helped me with my first concerns and helped me find a program. One month later I was in Costa Rica (the most beautiful place on earth) and all around me was different. There I taught English to young children. I learnt a lot, I really enjoyed hanging out with those awesome people. After two weeks in Europe after returning home I realised that was the best experience in my life! I have learnt many things and met many interesting and wonderful people. If you have the opportunity, I just can say do it!

Luke Taylor


Your advice is excellent. I really enjoy reading your posts and you have helped me a lot. Many thanks for the info.

Andrea Pérez


I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for what you're doing. It's quite sick that so many organisations are profitting from volunteering and using their fees to fund their lavish lifestyles. It is a trend that is spreading. Thank you for your website, it really does give one a wonderful choice that does not limit volunteering to only the very rich.

Shayna Beetge