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Volunteer Latin America Reviews

Here are the latest reviews from our members. If you are interested in reading more reviews you can view the information on-screen by clicking on this link (PDF 309K - 58 pages): volunteer latin america reviews.

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I have volunteered with a number of different organizations and have had some very good experiences. The disadvantages of going with an organization though, is that they tend to be expensive and also I have always felt somewhat of a separation from the culture that I am visiting. In my opinion, the website Volunteer Latin America is the perfect solution. It is a resource that can connect you with a volunteer position and there are hundreds of opportunities so you can choose the one that most interests you. Most of the places that post on this website are small, local enterprises and so you are dealing directly with the culture. There are a lot of variations in cost among the different enterprises that post here but most are far cheaper than going with a volunteer organization. Because you are not going with
an organization, you don't have the safety net that they provide but, to me, that's part of the adventure.

Thank you, Volunteer Latin America for offering this wonderful resource.

Wes Hubert

I think the service you provide is great, it's helped me travel to Ecuador and meet lots of new people and I'm having a great time.

Best wishes

Nia Howells

I would like to thank you and Volunteer Latin America for your swift and numerous responses to my problem. I received an updated password on May 4th a day after my complaint was submitted and the password allowed me to login without issue. I apologise for the inconvenience as a less tech savvy relative sent numerous requests for a password reset and this may have lead to a delayed response in the system.

Your help on the mater is greatly appreciated and the customer service has been outstanding.

Wishing you all the best

Justin Fenner Simpson

This is just perfect! Thank you so much for your amazing help. This made everything so much easier. Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Kind regards

Rebecca Ann Hill

Thankful for this website posting great volunteer opportunities; I just completed one month volunteering in the Galapagos, and am already looking at other volunteer opportunities while on my travels.

Ariela Siegel

Thank you for this amazing website and opportunities which are given to volunteers to make an impact on the world.

Claire Bayrasy

Thanks very much for your kindness and help.

Sheila Rubio

I decided to take 6 months out to help organisations that were doing wildlife conservation and animal rescue. Luckily I found the Volunteer Latin America site and straight away I got really excited about all the possibilities! I created lists and lists of cool locations and projects! I worked at 6 projects in a row in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It was incredibly fulfilling to work for these places and I met like-minded people and made lots of new friends as well as experiencing the countries day by day from a working perspective as opposed to tourism. And it has been an amazing experience and I owe it to the Volunteer Latin America site which I have been living by. Thank you for all these wonderful opportunities!

All the best

Maureen Doyle

This is great research! Thank you so much for your efforts and your partnership. I will reach out to these organizations and see if we have a good match.


Maria Bottoni

I used the services of Volunteer Latin America a few years ago. The matches they assisted me find were spot on. Even though I am in my early sixties I was welcomed into projects as diverse as assisting in a trekking business training local guides in Bolivia, a reforestation project in Ecuador and the incredible experience with the Shuar Arutam in the jungles of Ecuador. I have travelled extensively but become disillusioned with what I call "voyeur travelling". Volunteering allowed me to become part of a community and do something meaningful and make a difference. Thank you Volunteer Latin America.

Ian Christesen

My mum came across volunteer Latin America 3 years ago now. We proceeded to go through the website in order to volunteer in a remote village in Costa Rica helping with turtle conservation. It was a pinical point in my life as it inspired me to be where I am now - studying marine biology at Bangor university. I thank this organisation so much and to hope it helps others like me and the causes it aims to help.

Morgan Difalco

I stumbled upon Volunteer Latin America when I was planning to travel around South America for part vacation and volunteering in wildlife sanctuaries. Signing up with this organisation was one of the best moves for me as it made my research so much easier and cut the amount of time sitting behind a computer all day. Membership is affordable and the set up of the site is very streamlined and well organised. It was very easy to enter countries and fields you were interested in and with one click away a whole list is drawn up of non-profit organisations for volunteering. I would highly recommend signing up if you want to make life easier while you are looking for areas to volunteer and dedicate your time.

Deneka De Sousa