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Volunteer Latin America Reviews

Here are the latest experiences and reviews from previous volunteers on current and past projects. If you are interested in reading more volunteer reviews you can view the information on-screen by clicking on this link (PDF 301K): volunteer latin america reviews.

Please note volunteer reviews are now posted on the project pages. This page will continue to be used for general reviews.

Fabulous website providing a great service for volunteers. Lots of various projects to suit everyone. Thank you very much for all your help!

Dominique Tolliver

Your projects are just the best. Wow. I have registered and look forward to volunteering through you guys! Keep up the brilliant work your doing.

Best wishes

Patricia Sifuentes

Great website guys! Found some amazing projects to do. Big thumbs-up!!

Frances Welch

We absolutely love your site and have gotten wonderful volunteers through it:)

Thank you so much!

Samantha Reguieg

Thank you guys so much for your time and energy to put this together for me. I am excited to start exploring these projects and begin this journey.

Sincerest thanks

Aaron Gravelle

A special thanks to Volunteer Latin America. I registered with them a few years ago in search of an internship to work with animals in South America after completing a Masters in Animal Welfare. I came across an opportunity in Bolivia at an animal sanctuary and I learnt a lot during my time there. It was immense. I gained experience with several different species, could use skills I had learnt during my education and other courses attended and helped educate locals on the trafficking of wild animals. I felt I had improved the lives of many animals and I met lots of like minded people. I even fell in love with a Chilean who was volunteering for the same organisation. We're now married and have started our own project here in Chile. We've opened up a 100% vegan cafe in Puerto Varas in the hope to encourage locals to eat less meat, to educate others on using less plastic and to live a more peaceful and environmentally friendly life.

Thanks for sending me on this path guys. And good luck to all the others on their search to provide help to ethical organisations too.

All the best


We found two projects in Costa Rica through your website and both were fabulous. Couldn't have wished for more. Already planning another trip at the end of the year with you guys!

Keep up the good work.

Virginia Martin