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Volunteer Latin America Reviews

Here are the latest reviews from our members. If you are interested in reading more reviews you can view the information on-screen by clicking on this link (PDF 439K - 62 pages): volunteer latin america reviews.

Volunteer Latin America is a great organisation dedicated to bringing about positive impact to the world through ethical volunteering.

There are so many incredible projects to explore through their website. Going about the process of finding these is much easier with the administrative help of Volunteer Latin America who helped guide my research and responded quickly, as well as a website that is easy to use through filters and condensed information.

Thank you very much, and keep doing the wonderful work you are doing! I am very much looking forward to volunteering in October with projects I found through your services.

Many thanks,

Katrina Hummel

Love your website and what you do. Thank you.

Kathryn Brown

Your website is excellent and appreciate the premium support.

Kind regards

Vernon Hunte

I had 2 great positions last year in Costa Rica with sloths and turtles, both opportunities I gained through your website. They were both incredible. I value your website a lot.

Many thanks

Daniel Cresswell

Stephen. People like you make a positive impact in these perilous times: take heart. Thank you.


Just wanted to say really like your blog and enjoyed reading several of your articles, especially the one about veganism, very well written and explained.

Deb Dugan

I am a big fan of the great work you do for voluntary organisations and charities in Latin America. Thanks a lot for your efforts in these challenging times!

Zoe Harrower

Volunteer Latin America is the best source of pointers to working with wildlife in the region.

Thank you!

Joanne Thibault