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Volunteer Latin America Reviews

Here are the latest reviews from our members. If you are interested in reading more reviews you can view the information on-screen by clicking on this link (PDF 319K - 60 pages): volunteer latin america reviews.

I have been looking for volunteering opportunities online for the past month or so and this is easily the best website I have seen. There are a lot of organisations that seem to have ‘opportunities’ for a pretty penny and it feels like it is just another chance to make some money. However, your website and story feels completely different and something that I can and want to put my mind to.

Joe Murray

Thanks for responding so promptly. There are some advantages to Covid! Firstly can I say that my previous experience with Volunteer Latin America was excellent. My son Toby went to Seeds of Hope in Huaraz almost exactly two years ago. Although we did not receive much help from your team in finding the School, it turned out to be an excellent experience. So much so that he extended his stay. They were an excellent start point for his solo Gap Year experience in South America. Well structured, so everyone had plenty to do with good support too. He was lucky to have a mix of older seasoned travellers (early 30’s) and some more his age (19). Weekends were filled with wonderful hikes in the mountains with some fun adventures. Hence the reason I return to you now to try and sort a good experience for Luca. Best wishes.

Sally Rowlands

I have registered with your website and appreciate the free membership. Have found the information very helpful. There are many opportunties with all the necessary data to find a worthwhile volunteer experience with little worry or great expense. I am hoping to volunteer in Costa Rica in March with a sea turtle organization. Thank you.

Sean Page

So glad I found you on Facebook. Great range of projects. Keep up the amazing work.

Nick Morris

I have a standard membership on your website and through you have managed to arrange volunteering on the “Organic farm in Costa Rica” which is great news. Your website has been really helpful so thank you.

Elizabeth Carr

Really useful site with many good projects throughout Latin America.

Kathryn Taylor

After trawling through numerous websites who seem to be making large sums of money out of naive volunteers, it was brilliant to find a source of true volunteering programs. Your website has a great range of programs and information about volunteering overseas. Keep up the good work.

Helen Squire

I love your website! It's so nice to have an overview of so many different, affordable projects in Latin America, so thank you :)

Joy de Vos

Your website is very informative. On behalf of volunteer minded folks around the planet thanks for putting this together.

Joe Morgan

I have volunteered with a number of different organizations and have had some very good experiences. The disadvantages of going with an organization though, is that they tend to be expensive and also I have always felt somewhat of a separation from the culture that I am visiting. In my opinion, the website Volunteer Latin America is the perfect solution. It is a resource that can connect you with a volunteer position and there are hundreds of opportunities so you can choose the one that most interests you. Most of the places that post on this website are small, local enterprises and so you are dealing directly with the culture. There are a lot of variations in cost among the different enterprises that post here but most are far cheaper than going with a volunteer organization. Because you are not going with an organization, you don't have the safety net that they provide but, to me, that's part of the adventure.

Thank you, Volunteer Latin America for offering this wonderful resource.

Wes Hubert