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EFL Language Assistant in Education Argentina



The purpose of this programme is to create opportunities for real language use for our students, and to offer language assistant volunteers the opportunity to get to know the Argentinian educational system, and learn how to teach English as a foreign language. To this extent, volunteers familiarize with the teaching and approaches to second languages under the guidance of a graduate teacher and the director of the studies of the school. On the other hand, this experience can also offer volunteers the opportunity to participate in conversation exchange and cultural and social weekly workshops which boost the assistant Spanish as well as socializing with students and Argentinian customs and culture. Research project while experiencing life in Buenos Aires English House is another key to this programme. Language assistants are invited to take part in research groups. Our goals are to develop strategic capacity to construct knowledge.

Possible Projects include:

Traditional English games and Nursery Rhymes approach children to a second language. Language Assistant Volunteers are invited to do research on the stories behind traditional games and nursery rhymes. Skills required: Storytelling and Drama. The writing of an article describing the results of the experience is expected.

Working on literacy through Phonics. Participants collect a number of activities to raise awareness on English sounds in words so that children can learn to read and write in English. Songs and games are the most suitable activities for this targeted group. The writing of an article describing the results of the experience is expected.

Developing learning strategies to work on Spanish pronunciation. Participants can also work on their own Spanish sounds by collecting a number of phrases from native speakers of Spanish and work on the difficulties in acquisition between phonemes in the target and native language.

It is important to say that, all participating will discuss their preferences to do research or not, before their arrival. The success of this program depends upon close cooperation and effective relationships among participants. All the members of BA English House staff work together to foster cross-cultural understanding. Our goal is to assure a successful experience for all participants so as to increase the number of volunteers every year.


Buenos Aires English House

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


Dates of program:
Between 15 February and 15 December

Duration of program:
From 2 months up to a complete academic year

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

The program is free of charge but a registration fee of US$100 is required. Volunteers are responsible for covering the cost of accommodation and food in Buenos Aires. We offer assistance in finding accommodation, transfers, and all the guidance the traveller needs before and during the trip.

Other information:


Language Assistant Placement
"I met daily with the Teacher to discuss my role in the classroom. As a Language Assistant I was encouraged to promote fluency and automaticity in the classroom. This was achieved by supporting students through tasks such as, pair work, presentations, small group discussions and debates, developing short scripts and playing games that require the students to communicate with each other. I thought this to be critical in helping the students to notice their own gaps and opportunity to get feedback on their language and communication skills. For the conversation exchange and intercultural communication workshops, I spent a lot of time researching issues and topics that the students could mostly relate with. As I got to learn about each group, the different personalities and different characters of participates, it become easier to hold more targeted and more focused group discussions. As a result the students were more enthusiastic and engaged in the workshops. The greatest benefits of my 3 month placement were the skills I was receiving and learning about the culture. My presentation and delivery skills have improved significantly from having to stand and talk on countless occasions in front of the classroom. Learning about lesson planning and drawing up lesson was very new to me and it gave me a preview of this particular working environment. Teaching is one career path that I have been considering after my PhD, especially as a Science Teacher. I particularly enjoyed the conversation exchange workshops and the field trips most, because it was here where I learnt more about Argentinian culture. I learnt a lot about the students and teachers views and attitudes on the current topics of their country. They shared their most popular customs, food and music. In my 3 month role as a Language Assistant I was given the opportunity to departure from my own research to utilise my skills and experience in new and unfamiliar ways. It gave me the opportunity to put my training into a wider context and appreciate how it fits into a regulatory and professional environment."- Vanessa Harawa
An excellent placement in Buenos Aires
"I am currently in the middle of a placement in Buenos Aires which has so far been wonderful. I feel so at home despite being so far away, thanks to the staff who have been really welcoming and helpful in all aspects. I'm lucky enough to have participated in many classes of different ages helping teachers across various topics. In addition, I have helped in and led intercultural exchange classes which have allowed myself and the students to share things which we love and enjoy in our respective cultures. Furthermore, field trips across Buenos Aires have been organised with adult classes for further exposure to English for the students and to Spanish for myself which I have considered extremely beneficial in helping me to improve my level of Spanish. The teachers' dedication to wanting their students to learn and improve is exceptional whilst also being very friendly just emphasises what a great place this is to work. I would highly recommend this placement for those wanting to be a teacher of English (or any foreign language) in the future."- Gus Channer
Excellent 4 month placement with lovely staff and pupils
"From day one I felt at home at the language institute. The staff were incredibly kind and welcoming, and really helped me to integrate into the role as a language assistant. Furthermore, the pupils, of all ages, were a joy to teach and I would recommend this placement to anyone interested in teaching English. Students of all levels of English study at the institute which encourages a variegated approach to lessons. A large proportion of the lessons were very practical regarding the activities, which adds to the enjoyment. For example, a play was performed, as well as a Halloween party that both the staff and students participated in. Overall, an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience!"- Charlie Mark
I was an English Language Assistant for 2 months
"I was lucky enough to have the chance to volunteer in Buenos Aires for 2 months, from March to May this year. It was an amazing experience and I am now considering a career in teaching because of it. I have gained many valuable skills to serve me for the future and was also to able improve my Spanish substantially. Due to the variety of classes I was never bored and got to know Argentine culture intimately. I hope one day to return and visit the school. All of the staff and teachers were pleasant and friendly."- Tobias McLean
An incredibly rewarding placement, complete with great staff and students.
"Buenos Aires English House is an incredible place that I will have had the pleasure of working at for 5 months. Although I have only completed 3 of the 5 months, I have already participated in many classes of different ages, assisting the teachers in a variety of topics, such as literature, food and family. I have also had the opportunity to assist in and lead intercultural exchange classes, which have allowed both myself and students to share what we know and love about our cultures. In order to expand on this outside of the classroom, we also organised field trips in which we visited locations that represent important moments in Argentine history, while encouraging the use of English amongst the students. This has provided me the perfect opportunity to practice my Spanish whilst helping to teach English. During my placement, I have helped to run workshops which focused on both Argentine and English National Holidays, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by the staff and students. Celebrating these moments really was a great way to see the students working together. I would highly recommend English House because of its high standard and dedicated work ethic. It is an incredibly rewarding placement in which you are able to build relationships with both the teachers and students, whilst watching classes improve week by week. English House has shown me what great fun teaching can be, and how interested students are in learning not only another language, but about another culture. From the beginning of my placement, I felt very welcome by all of the staff, who have not only supported me to develop my teaching abilities but have also been great at recommending places to go and including me in out-of-school activities, all of which has made being so far away from home that much easier. It has been a wonderful place to work, a place where I am proud to have been part of such a committed team that works so passionately to inspire their students."- Rebecca Blackburn
A great placement in Buenos Aires
"I am currently on placement at Buenos Aires English House and I can honestly say that I am having a fantastic time. The staff were very welcoming when I first started and to this day they continue to be some of the friendliest people I know. The atmosphere at BAEH is great - all the students come to class eager to learn. I have really enjoyed watching the students broaden their knowledge of English. The staff are all very professional and enthusiastic in their lessons, and always have plenty of work ready for their students to complete. This really helped me get involved. I particularly enjoy leading the conversation/ cultural exchange workshops because it gives me the opportunity to use my Spanish and teach English at the same time. The topics we cover in class such as global warming, recycling, health, fashion and society in both England and Argentina are both interesting and important. This really allows students to broaden their vocabulary and use complex sentence structures. I have always liked the idea of becoming a teacher and only half way into my placement, I can definitely say that a career in teaching is definitely on the cards for me. Thank you everyone for making this decision so easy for me and for making my time at BAEH so special! If you are considering to learn English or to do a placement in teaching, I would - without a doubt - recommend studying/working at Buenos Aires English House."- Karyna Zamani
A reliable, educational and fulfilling experience from an exceptional language institute
"My time at English House could not have been more fulfilling. Three months of immersive cultural and language training and teaching that has enriched my life and inspired me to be more engaging. The staff at the institute are friendly and accommodating whilst also being knowledgeable in their field of teaching expertise. You can learn a lot from participating in lessons across a range of age and academic levels at the school. A placement or voluntary experience here is highly recommended. Communication with the volunteer liaison was simple and easy. The staff could not have been more helpful and ready to assist with any queries. In only a relatively short space of time I felt like part of the team and looked forward to attending classes. I worked as a language assistant providing a native speakers interpretation for established teachers. With some training and experience I also conducted lessons which was very rewarding and interesting. Pupils were enthusiastic and from a range of different backgrounds. It truly was an experience I will never forget and something I will always look back on fondly. If you're interested in volunteering in Buenos Aires and you have English language skills do not hesitate to apply to English House, you won't regret it."- Fraser Collins

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