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We work every afternoon from Monday to Friday in two community centers 15min by car from the center of Cochabamba provided by the local communities. In each location, we have access to two classrooms, an outdoor park and a sports field. We always have one educator who is supervising all activities accompanied by 3 to 7 local and international volunteers to carry out the activities. We have up to 40 children and adolescents in each site, aged between 2 and 17 years old. We divide the children into two groups: the small children (pre-school), from 2 to 7 years old and the older ones. Each day we offer a program of activities that are both educational and fun for the different age groups. The activities go from teaching English, helping with homework, doing sports, creative projects around art (theatre, music, painting, drawing, etc.), community projects, health and nutrition. Being present every day in these two communities prevent the children from being left alone in the streets and at risk of being victims from different kinds of violence. Indeed, their parents have to work long hours and are often not able to take care of their children, nor to support them in their formal education. As some of the children are living in "favelas" types of home with no access to electricity and water, we provide each child each day with a healthy snack and drinking water. We also put the emphasis on hygiene as they have to wash their hands and brush their teeth with us.

Your role as a volunteer

As we have to manage a big group of children and only have one educator per location, we need volunteers to be able to run our activities. Furthermore, volunteers bring new and innovative ideas for activities and are therefore an added-value for the children. We expect volunteers to help the educator on-site every day with the activities for the children, to follow Bolivia Digna's rules, to represent the association towards the children and their families. We also expect the volunteers to come up with ideas for activities, discuss them with the educators and prepare them. Volunteers will always be supported by the Volunteer Coordinator for any issues or concerns or to prepare its activities for the children. He/she will be supervised by an educator and/or the Volunteer Coordinator and will never be alone with a classroom. We generally work 5 days a week (from Monday to Friday) and mainly in the afternoons so weekends are free to explore the city or travel farther afield to experience all that Bolivia has to offer.

Our support

We support the volunteers before, during and after their volunteering. Before the volunteering, we always schedule a Skype call with the volunteer to get to know each other, to explain a bit more about our projects and activities and to answer any question (s)he may have. We then help the volunteer with practical matters if necessary (visa, vaccinations, flights, etc.). Before (s)he arrives, we send him/her our volunteering guide with information about the NGO, our work, tips on working with children, but also about the city and country. During the volunteering, we welcome the volunteer at the airport, make a tour of the house and go through the volunteering guide. We also make a tour of the city, Cochabamba, meet the team and other volunteers and then organise a training on how to work with children and interculturality. For long-term volunteers we follow-up on its work, define its objectives before starting and regularly see how it goes. We are always present in case of issues 24h/7d. Volunteers are always under the supervision of an educator and are never alone with the children. They are either accompanied by one of our educators, the volunteer coordinator or a long-term local/international volunteer. At the end of the volunteering, we provide airport drop-off, evaluation and certificate. We keep contact!


FundaciĆ³n Bolivia Digna


Everybody who wants to help is welcome.

Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
2 weeks minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

There is no cost for volunteering. The only cost is for the accommodation, which includes breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday in the shared house, and dinners as well in the family stay. Volunteer house: shared room US$390, private US$450. Family stay US$470.

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