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Holistic Living Permaculture Course Bolivia



PRC was founded in 2014 by Simon Kaiwai, a certified permaculture designer with a big vision for a small piece of land. He turned barren, compacted soil into a lush oasis with 3.5 cabins, a large pond, 3 continuous contour trenches, on-going productive gardens, 80+ fruit trees, a 250 litre water-filtration system, and many happy animals. We are involved in our local syndicate made up of 48 land owners, which includes being active in community work, meetings and celebrations as well. We love this independent lifestyle with the goal in mind not to be just self-sufficient but also community-sufficient. In this course, we wish to enable participants to produce healthy food, become more self-sufficient with energy, and produce a surplus of fertilizers which can be easily sold or traded. Combining these elements provides a means to live sustainably. We believe that our bodies and minds are equally important and a part of nature so we included techniques and strategies to encourage self-care practices. Simon has been studying and actively practicing permaculture for 15 years. The opportunity to learn hands-on from the projects on his land is a valuable opportunity.


Permaculture Retreat Center


Zero experience is necessary

Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 week plus opportunity for volunteers to stay longer

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

US$157.50 (with 30% discount). The prices includes: 7 nights in a shared cabin with breakfast, lunch and dinner on the farm; 5 days onsite training with 4 hours per day including lectures, instruction and practice; afternoons and an extra day free to explore Mizque; certificate specifying techniques learnt. Discounted bike tours and detox treatments available.

Other information:
The course includes: an introduction to permaculture; how to plan a land from the beginning; how to make an instant garden; how to plant a garden; how to design a food forest; water management and watering techniques; three types of composting (Bokashi, aerobic and hot composting); how to make two liquid fertilizers to sell for a profit; how to integrate animals into vegetable production; alternative, energy saving technologies (solar oven, rocket stove, solar water heater); yoga routine for back health (sun salutations); Chinese kinesiology for healthy living; upper and lower back techniques to alleviate back pains and migraines. Bonus: community building lecture and tools.


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