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Volunteer in Eco-Reserve or Office Bolivia



We are looking for motivated and committed volunteers to help us in either our 4000 hectare private reserve, or in our main office. The reserve provides a natural shelter to a great diversity of flora and fauna with, among others, jaguars, ocelots, pumas, monkeys, reptiles and more than 300 bird-species. This rich biodiversity and healthy eco-sy […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
4 weeks minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+ (we accept couples)

Office work does not carry any costs; however, accommodation and meals are not included. After the voluntary work has been completed, volunteers obtain free entrance to the Reserve; they are allowed to accompany a group of tourists and take part in the tour. Voluntary work inside the Reserve carries costs. These costs vary depending on the competences of the volunteer. In exchange for these costs volunteers receive: transport to and from Rurrenabaque to the Serere Reserve, full meals with the staff, accommodation and exploration of the area with the camp team. The costs will be determined by our CEO.

Other information:
At the end of their volunteering period all volunteers will obtain a certificate of recognition.


Help and support for ecotourism
"One of our main objectives of our trip (3 months travelling) was to discover the Amazon, to know more about the people who live there, the work done for the conservation of fauna and flora and to participate it. Our research on the internet led us to this project in Serere Park, which met our expectations. So we applied for a month as volunteer! We were welcomed in Rurrenabaque by the team (Hernan, Guido y Rodrigo) with whom we defined our mission (sales development and support for guides in Serere). As soon as we arrived, Rosamaria sent us 2 days to the Reserve, in order to understand on site the project and understand what was at stake. We learnt indeed a lot about biodiversity, about the reintroduction of endangered animals and rare trees, about the problems the team faced to when they arrived 15 years ago, about the many dangers threatening Amazonia and why the involvement of the local community is so important to protect this environment. We returned to the office with lots of information, figures, and most important, lots of memories. Twice we had the opportunity to go working inside the Reserve to mainly help guides for translation, and assist the camp team (cookers for example). Very long and busy days, but so exciting! We started very early (5 am), at the kitchen, meet the group and organize the day, and then free time walking day or night in the jungle, hearing and seeing birds, monkeys, spiders and many other animals, discovering medicine plants and huge trees, sailing on lakes and look for caimans. We increased knowledge and experience of species, fauna and flora so much! During that month, we had a very good time talking about the organization, supply chain, process, .... very interesting to share our methods of work! Furthermore we learned from each of us and we were able, at the end, to propose some improvements to the staff. And all of that in a very nice and funny atmosphere with the team! A big thank you to the team, to Hernan and Rodrigo for their welcome and to make us feel part of the team upon our arrival, to Guido for his support and his trust, and Rosamaria for his involvement and commitment in this vast project of defense of the environment and communities. As well as to the whole Serere camp team and guides without whom this work would not be possible."- Bertrand Gueguen

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