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Volunteer with Rescued Wildlife Bolivia



We require volunteers all year round to work at our three Wildlife Custody Centres in the Bolivian Amazon. Placements include caring for sick and rescued animals and helping with the construction of enclosures and maintenance of the Centres. No prior experience of working with animals is required as all necessary training will be given upon arri […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
14 days minimum (29 days minimum to work with certain animals such as felines).

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

A 15 night package costs 1950 BOB (approx. US$283) at Machía and 2270 BOB (approx. US$330) at both Ambue Ari and Jacj Cuisi. Each Centre also offers a 30 night package and then daily fees for the 31st and each subsequent night thereafter. At Machia the fees include accommodation, lunch, kitchen access, hot showers and the use of common areas. At Ambue Ari and Jacj Cuisi the fees include accommodation, three meals per day and the use of communal facilities.

Other information:
We do not require that volunteer’s book ahead. You can arrive at any of our Centres and volunteer whenever you wish, with no prior notice. However, we do offer a reservation system for those who would like the added reassurance of a guaranteed space at the centre of their choice. More information can be found on our volunteering page.


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