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Long-term Volunteer On A Self-Sustainable Farm Brazil



We are a self sustainable Eco-Farm in Brazil. We have been working with volunteers since the very beginning of the project. We aim to become an example of a sustainable international community guided by the principles of Permaculture, growing and producing while being in balance with nature through organic farming, renewable energy, agroforestry and bioconstruction, but having the support as well of a responsible use of some modern technology. In order to achieve this we believe healthy human development its a must, we must all learn to work hard together and respect each other’s cultures and backgrounds, we want to learn from our volunteers and them from us. Here we find ourselves away from the hectic rhythms of the modern system, we firmly believe this is a perfect environment for personal and community growth.

We offer volunteers an amazing and unique experience, helping us in all the different sustainable projects we run and eventually, with time, having the support of the whole team to settle down and develop their own project. We generate income by running ecotourism activities, selling locally cultivated organic food, and offering a variety of eco-sports and workshops. We welcome highly motivated people from every part of the world to join our team and grow together.

Long-term volunteering is an excellent opportunity for people who are seriously thinking of changing their lives by spending time in nature, building their own bioconstruction house, and producing their own food, energy and income. The work schedule is 40 hours per week for the first 3 months in exchange of knowledge, accommodation, food, and Wi-Fi. Every week we also organize social events and outdoor activities. Then, if both sides feel to keep working together, they can commit for a longer period and work on their own income-generating project to sustain themselves.

This volunteer program is not just about the work on bioconstruction, agroforestry and organic farming alone, it is about being part of a small and passionate community, contributing to it with each own personal touch, learning from us as well, and growing as a person in a natural, inspiring, hard-working and calm environment.



Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro

To be able to become a long-term volunteer we expect very mature behaviour, respect towards others and non-violent communication. We also require skills on some of those areas: construction, farming, Permaculture, carpentry, communication, videographer, architecture, creativity, human resources, eco tourism, English and Portuguese translation.

Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 year and more

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

Long-term volunteers participate in a 40 hour routine where food, accommodation, washing machine, Wi-Fi and some outdoor activities are provided. In case of need, we organize an airport pick-up with our trusted driver for 800 reais.

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