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Research Assistants for Sea Turtle Nesting Conservation Program Costa Rica



We operate a multifaceted approach for the conservation of sea turtles, including beach patrols, relocating nests into project hatcheries, environmental education, and awareness with the local community, generating job opportunities for the locals, and promoting sustainable tourism development. Assistants are responsible for assisting the projec […]

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Dates of program:
Term 1: 2 July – 13 September (Costa de Oro, San Miguel). Term 2: 2 July – 27 September (Bejuco, Corozalito). Term 3: 13 August – 25 October (Costa de Oro, San Miguel). Term 4: 24 September – 15 December (Bejuco, Corozalito). Term 5: 0 October – 15 December (Costa de Oro, San Miguel). Term 6: 15 November – 30 January, 2022 (Corozalito)

Duration of program:
Approximately 3 months per period

Application deadline:
31st January 2022

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

Research Assistants (RAs) pay an US$1100-1400 fee that covers basic meals and accommodation for the entire internship. We provide a training workshop upon arrival. This includes several lectures on current sea turtle conservation research topics, safety training, team building activities, and field research training. All RAs have the option of participating in the Independent Research Project Program, in which they can complete a project with their team during the internship with the assistance of one of our biologists. All interns must follow our Program Rules for the entire duration of their placement. Failure to do so results in immediate termination of placement without refund.

Other information:
There are four project sites within this area where Research Assistants can choose to participate during their internship. San Miguel and Costa de Oro are two nesting beach projects with a variable and highly fluctuating number of volunteers. Assistants of these projects must be really sociable and be willing to work and lead a constantly changing team. Bejuco project is the most rustic project of them all, which is strongly involved with the local community. Corozalito is the furthest site; the main feature of this place is that it is a physically demanding project due to the nesting characteristics of its beach.


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