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Wildlife Biology Internship Costa Rica



We are a non-profit organization located in Cabuya, Costa Rica. We are not only dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of our local wildlife, but also to the reintroduction of locally extinct species and other large-scale conservation projects. Preserving biodiversity and ecosystem balance are at the core of what we do.
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Dates of program:
Year round (as and when available)

Duration of program:
12 weeks

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 20+

To reserve your spot a US$1710.80 deposit is required, which breaks down as follows: the program fee for the 12-week internship is US$800 + 13% tax, US$360 + 13% tax is rescue center site fee to pay for utilities during your stay, and US$400 is a deposit will be returned to you upon completing the 12 week program.

Other information:


Immersive Jungle Experience
"The long-term (12 week) volunteer experience involved getting to do hands-on work with all of the animals that are housed at the center, including howler monkeys, capuchins, opossums, squirrels and raptors. The daily duties included diet prep (mostly chopping and cooking fruits and veggies), enclosure cleaning, facility maintenance (repairing enclosures, building new enclosures and enrichment), and animal handling and medical treatment. It was an experience that I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of; nowhere else in the world would I be able to work with all of these amazing animals, in such a unique and beautiful location. As a wildlife biology intern, I also had the opportunity to create my own research project at the center, supervised and assisted by the internship coordinator."- Corinne Ryan
Once in a Lifetime Experience
"Firstly I would like to mention the professionalism of the place and staff. Many wildlife volunteers can agree is hard to find a place that actually cares about wildlife and doesn't just profit with a "glorified petting zoo". However, this Rescue Center is different: it's core mission is to reintroduce injured wildlife and with community commitment. The protocols established for animal care and well being is of high importance. Every single animal is treated with its due respect as a wild animal. Working closely with Jeremy, Ezra, Carmen, Natasha and Ricardo was an amazing experience, with each adding unique value to the center. I went to do a 3 month internship but ended gaining way more than I expected: proper animal husbandry; introductory vet assistance and techniques; animal rehabilitation; species reintroduction. While doing my internship, I became adept at time management since I had to juggle helping our with animal care, upkeep and data collection. I strongly believe this will help me later on when doing a postgraduate degree and I need to juggle work, studies and spare time. The place is paradise, and having the jungle as a backyard was something I will always cherish. Definitely worth it!"- Alejandro Garza-Garcia

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