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Teach English in an Indigenous Village Ecuador



Katitawa is an independent primary school founded in 1977 and located in the indigenous Andean village of Salasaka, Ecuador. The school is designed to create a place where the children and adults can learn, while also creating an educational model that promotes the cultural identity of students. Katitawa is located in Salasaka a safe indigenous village with a lot of tradition.

Currently in the morning volunteers help teach English in the local school and then give private lessons in afternoon. During COVID the volunteering paused here a little bit, however now we have many students eager to learn.

In Salasaka you can experience the indigenous village and travel on the weekends around Ecuador. If you have any questions please ask, you get more info on our website, Facebook, or Instagram.


SKY Escuela Katitawa


Experience with teaching, working with kids or managing a NGO project welcomed but not necessary. It’s recommended that you can speak a little bit of Spanish to communicate with people here, at least some basics. However you can learn a lot here. Right now we focus on learning English, so you have to know English, however it doesn't have to be perfect.

Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
3 weeks minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

US$30 a week for accommodation, internet access, and food, which is bought together on the market. Volunteers live in a volunteer house with kitchen, common room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Other information:
The volunteer house is located in Salasaka, an indigenous village with lots of traditions. You will be able to learn about the culture here and about the customs. You are welcome to travel and explore as much as you want. Friday is a free day for volunteers.


I loved teaching English there!
"So, I have been to Escuela Katitawa two times as a volunteer. One during the covid once after the covid, when I was also writing my thesis there. I liked living in Salasaka; people were very friendly and accommodating. The schedule does differ a little bit depending on your preference and situation there. However, Micaela, the coordinator of volunteers, can help you with many things. It is a project that needs a level of independence and responsibility from its volunteers but can offer a lot, and I do appreciate that it is a transparent project. I have always stayed for about three months, and I really enjoyed teaching English the second time; the kids were just great and I was also doing social media there.:)"- Magdalena Trhlíková
Great experience
"A great start to our travels. We stayed for 2 months (Sept-Oct). In the mornings we did help to build a house of a local lady who lost hers two years ago or helped Francisca in the garden. In the afternoon we taught English (Mon-Wed) and played with kids (Thu-Fri) of the local community. On weekends we had time to explore the area (Banos, Tungurahua, Laguna Quilotoa, Riobamba,...). You'll live together with the daughter of Francisca but you might not see her a lot. We were very lucky to spend 2nd Nov in Salasaka as well, the dia de los muertos which is a must if you can make it!"- Michael Holzmeier

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