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Build Homes for Poor Families Guatemala



Recognising family homes as the cornerstone for improving lives and developing communities, we provide individual families with a safe and sustainable home.
We are a USA-based non-profit organisation founded to build homes and improve the lives of the rural poor in Guatemala. In the poorest areas of highland Guatemala, improper building […]

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Dates of program:
Year round with the exception of national holidays. We are closed for the last two weeks in December and during Holy Week.

Duration of program:
5 work days minimum

Age requirement:
Children, teenagers, adults and seniors of both sexes (minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian).

We request a donation to the poor of US$500 per volunteer (only for participants 13 years old and above), regardless of the amount of time spent with us. We use this donation to help our other programs such as our school and health clinic along with other challenges identified in the communities we work in. The donation also pays for transportation costs to the work site (airport pick-up) and bottled water. Volunteers are responsible for their own accommodation and lunch. We can arrange for you to stay with a host family if you desire. A host family typically charges US$150-200 per week and they provide 3 meals a day, every day except Sundays. The lunch provided by the host family can be the lunch you take to the work-site. If you would rather stay in a hotel or hostel we can help you find accommodation. You will need to pay for your own meals if this is the case.

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