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Classroom Assistant Guatemala



We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to 540 children. We are currently seeking volunteers who can make a meaningful impact on our children, demonstrating that dreams can become a reality. As a classroom assistant, you'll help the teacher in various ways. If you have skills in art, language, or other areas, we encourage you to enrich students' educational experiences.


NiƱos de Guatemala


Community service

Dates of program:
January - November

Duration of program:
1 week up to 6 months

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

Volunteer fee for 1 day: US$50 (Supports 1 meal for 50 kids for 1 day). Volunteer fee for 1 week: US$100 (Supports 1 meal for 80 kids for 1 day plus school supplies). Volunteer fee for 2 weeks or more: US$250 (Supports 1 meal for 100 kids for 2 days plus school supplies). Your donation will have a significant impact on the lives of 540 children. Additionally, there is a US$65 extra cost per month if your volunteerism lasts for one week or more; this fee includes a t-shirt, a 3-day orientation, transportation for 3 days, free activities and the opportunity to change the lives of Guatemalan children through education.

Other information:
If you find the donation fee challenging, we can assist you in creating a fundraiser using our Go Fund Me Charity Platform (This is an option that many of our volunteers have chosen). When people learn about the cause of the project, they often contribute to fundraising efforts.


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If you visit and apply via the website please mention that you saw this project on volunteerlatinamerica.com.