Volunteering Abroad Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Empowering the Local Mayan Community Guatemala



Our mission is to empower the local community to protect their own rainforests from destruction. We identified the needs of the community in order to preserve their rainforest, and those needs are health, education and opportunity. The idea that we had was to be able to support the people to become guardians of the rainforest because these rainf […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 week minimum

Age requirement:
Children, teenagers, adults and seniors of both sexes (minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)

There is no cost to participate but volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses. We provide low-cost accommodation (US$5-10 per week)!

Other information:
Our project is not about micro-managing the local community. Its mission values are empowerment through education and opportunity, delivered through respectful collaboration with the people of El Remate and surrounding villages. We believe that intercultural exchange is an experience that benefits everybody, and the wonderful volunteers who have come from all around the world over the years have proven us right time and time again. El Remate seems to captivate volunteers and they stay from a week to months. The variety, knowledge and dedication of volunteers from all over the world have made an immeasurable difference to the lives of the local community.


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