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Long-Term Volunteers Needed Guatemala



Our Children’s Village has been providing a safe space for children to live and receive quality education since 1977. Originally started as an orphanage to provide refuge for children left abandoned, abused and malnourished by the brutal civil war, we now provide a safe space for children from neighboring villages to receive quality care a […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
3 months minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 22+

One-time contribution of US$300 which covers accommodation and meals for 3 months.

Other information:
We have no openings until February, 2023.


Discover the life in the jungle, surrounded with indigenous people and beautiful children
"Damn, I miss this place so much. I remember arriving in Hostel Backpackers around 5 in the afternoon and they told me that I could stay to rest after a long ride... and I refused cause I could not wait to meet the children. The kids were sooooo curious and friendly (well some of them had to get used to new people of course), but it was such an amazing ride together. And it's so meaningful when you notice a kid opening up for you and starts to love you. It's so beautiful to have created these connections with each individual child. They have so much love in them, they have their specific way of being and that makes it so awesome to witness: they are funny, stubborn sometimes, they can be very honest, of course they will try to see where your boundaries are once in a while, they are smart and hard workers. Some of them need more care then others... and every 'care' is individually different. The ride from Fronteras to the project with 'la lancha' is so beautiful. I can still feel the wind blowing through my hair, enjoying and being very grateful to be able to experience the volunteering work. I have admired the nature so much at Rio Dulce. Also to experience how it is to live very simple, without always access to electricity, and comfort makes your view on live even more wider. Close by you have 'Brisas' a little jungle village... So pure, so authentic... I'm so sincerely honoured to have met every single person in the jungle. Everything about this experience, it has been such an honour. Working with other volunteers was also very interesting. I can say I really have made good friends while being there. It was awesome to see how they helped me inform about the day structure, about the activities.... for that I'm grateful too. Thanks to every volunteer that help new volunteers to integrate in this project. Thank you for the love project staff, know I will be back some day... I have you all in my heart."- Carolina De Cuyper
Make a Difference
"My experience here has been the best of my life. It is hard to describe the wonders of this place settled in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle. Being awaken by the howler monkeys, having the luck to see blue massive butterflies or the Jesus Christ lizard running over the water and walking through the fireflies during the night, are just wonders waiting for you to be discovered. All these little secrets made me smile and opened up my eyes to enjoy what I had in front of me. However, what really captured my heart were the kids. The project is a big family. Everyone shares stories, adventures, games, laughs and purpose. Children are the gem of the jungle. They are full of curiosity and willingness to learn about everything: where do you come from, what is the typical food, how does people dress in your country, how many siblings you have; at the end of the volunteering they would know the name of your mum and dad and they would have earned a place in your heart. I also learnt from them every day. They know how to cook, sewing, washing their clothes, fishing, even cutting wood. Learning together and living together creates a lively community where the present is the only things that matters. I love every smile and the excitement in their faces when I showed them something new. Playing with them, stealing some smiles, a hug before going to sleep, are vivid memories from my adventure. I fully recommend this experience since you can have an impact by broadening their horizons, showing them new possibilities and points of view, inspiring them, giving them new goals to pursue."- Luz Olid Díaz
Great Place to Volunteer
"This is a really great place to volunteer, it is hard work but it is rewarding. We are provided with accommodation but the house has no electricity. Working with the kids is great but it also has many challenges. It is very beautiful here on rio dulce but it is also very hot with many bugs and insects. We are also provided with meals, but they are generally pretty basic. If you are looking for a holiday this might not be the place for you. If you actually interested in making a difference, getting your hands dirty, working with a great group of like minded volunteers and are ready to suffer through a little blood sweat and tears you should highly consider coming. If you can't make it maybe consider supporting the organization financially because once again they really are doing amazing work with limited resources and budget. Only a 5$ donation will help. At the end of the day you need to be willing to open yourself up to new opportunities, and to most likely push your comfort levels a bit."- Jeremy Gratton
A Unique Experience to Help with an Organization with a Lot of Heart
"Volunteering for this organization is an incredible and unique experience! You live in the Rio Dulce National Park on the bank of the impressive Rio Dulce, surrounded by incredible nature like howler monkeys, Jesus lizards, and iguanas. Most of the kids and the surrounding community are indigenous Mayan descendants. They speak the ancient language Q'eqchi' and Spanish, so you can work on your Spanish and pick up a few Q'eqchi' words along the way. While volunteering here, you can use your unique talents and passions to help the kids explore new areas. Whether it's dancing, theater, music, sports, science, or engineering, you can help the kids discover interests that can drive them to further their education. The kids are so friendly! They love meeting all the volunteers and learning about where the volunteers come from and what their life is like at home. They're always so excited when volunteers come back to visit or volunteer again. This is an incredible organization with a lot of heart! I've been here for 16 months and I've seen how day after day they ensure that their children thrive and succeed in life. They help the kids even after they graduate from the school and are always there for them when they need help, even as adults. When hard times fall on the students families the organization supports them through it. They know that in order for the kids to thrive the families and community must also thrive. The organization succeeds because of a lot of hard work from passionate, dedicated individuals who come together to create a loving, nourishing community. They make magic happen even on limited resources. There is no better place to donate or volunteer if you want to make a great impact on struggling communities who are striving to improve their circumstances for current and future generations."- Alex Leon Wolff

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