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Enrichment Programs for Children in Grades 1-6 Honduras



We provide community-based educational enrichment and healthy living programs for children and teens in the north-coast beach community of El Porvenir. Programs include: English and Spanish literacy, computers, arts, intro to science, sports and fitness, group skills, social emotional learning, sexuality-education and more! These projects were initiated in response to our awareness that the cycle of poverty is perpetuated through lack of education. The combined energy of our international volunteers and in-country Honduran intern team blends an unique and effective set of skills to support educational and humanitarian projects to target that cycle. In addition, to address malnutrition issues, HCA supports healthy eating "healthy snacks" offered to children every day during class. The target population are children in grades 1-6 and our programs are delivered in 3 locations within the community that are supplement to the public schools.


Honduras Child Alliance

El Porvenir, Atlantida

Volunteers teach English, Spanish literacy, computers, art, sports, and so much more! We seek volunteers who are passionate, collaborative, and highly motivated with relevant skills to help make a difference in the lives of Honduran children. Some ability to speak Spanish is a plus but not required.

Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
6 weeks minimum but most volunteers stay longer

Age requirement:
Adults of any gender 19+

Housing in our clean, comfortable, and secure volunteer houses is US$49 per week for the first 6 weeks and then drops to US$42 per week from there. One house is beachfront and the other is 1.5 blocks from the beach. Upon acceptance to the program, there is a one-time donation of US$160. There are no other fees with the organization. This is a very inexpensive volunteer opportunity but be prepared to pay for your own food, which is very inexpensive in that area (about US$30 per week).

Other information:
El Porvenir is a safe and welcoming community on the Caribbean Sea, located 25 minutes west from the nearest city of La Ceiba. There are two volunteer houses that are walking distance to the classrooms. Managers reside in the volunteer houses to guide, train, support, and to maintain safety for volunteers. International volunteers work together in teams to deliver classes and promote programs in the community. We have a local bilingual team that provides conversational Spanish lessons through our online tutoring program, Convo-Amigos. Volunteers are provided 5 free lessons ($35 value) before arriving to El Porvenir if they wish to start or improve their skills. Additional lessons can be purchased on our website or our Instagram page. Follow @convoamigos for free mini Spanish lessons and opportunities to win free lessons!


A Special Place in my Heart
"If you are considering volunteering abroad, I highly recommend Honduras Child Alliance. Three months ago, I came on board as a volunteer with a particular passion for computer science education. I immediately fell in love with this organization. This experience has been a perfect blend of professional growth and meaningful connections that I have formed with my students, the community and my fellow volunteers. One of the things in which Honduras Child Alliance excels is that there is always room for creativity and freedom to use you skills and talents to help the organization and the community it benefits. This organization embraces diversity and varied perspectives, and it is an organization that has a special place in my heart."- John Robert Lindbergh III
Great organization in a beautiful community
"So far I am two months into my six month stay here, and I can say that there are so many good aspects to volunteering with HCA. One of the best parts is the children themselves. Often when I arrive early I find they have arrived even earlier and are waiting smiling and excited for class to begin. Sometimes they join us as we pass by and we walk to class together! The enthusiasm of the children is amazing and can make classes very fun. Another thing I love here is the community of El Porvenir. I love hearing roosters crow in the morning and seeing horses pass by, and the whole small town atmosphere. Before I came, safety was my biggest concern, so I was relieved to find that El Porvenir is a place where I have always felt safe. Many people are very friendly and one of the benefits of a small town is that you quickly begin to recognize familiar faces! I highly recommend this organization and I look forward to the rest of my time here!"- Kassy Lodge
Best Decision I'll Ever Make
"When I decided to take a gap year between high school and university, I was surprised to find that so many programs and organizations cost as much as a year of my college tuition. I came across Honduras Child Alliance, a smaller, younger organization and my application was answered almost immediately. I was quickly scheduled for a Skype session with the founder of the organization. She was completely transparent in answering all of my questions and within weeks of applying had booked my flights to spend a year in El, Porvenir, Honduras. It was more than I could have imagined. The housing provided creates a sense of family among the volunteers who come from all around the world. I could tell immediately that returning board members and volunteers made it a priority to become part of the community, and the people of Porvenir made me feel at home within the first week of my stay. Because it is a small organization, volunteers get so much control over the programs they run for the kids. The HCA classrooms are filled with so much love, laughter, and learning. The kids are so excited to come to classes they are always at the door 20 minutes before waiting to come inside! I created relationships with many of them even before I learned to speak their language. After my year with HCA had passed I spent my entire first year of college telling everyone about the second home and family I had found in Porvenir. I missed the community and the kids so much I ended up going back for a month in between school and my summer job and... I'm planning on going back again for two weeks during my holiday break this year. Not only is HCA a one of a kind organization where you will truly find opportunity to make lasting relationships and change, but El Porvenir is a beautiful, one of a kind place that will become your second home the second you arrive."- Julia King
Amazing community, organisation and country!
"Honduras Child Alliance (HCA) is an amazing organisation in rural Honduras - volunteering for them was one of the best decisions I made! It is a small, volunteer-lead organisation, so you are given a lot of responsibilities and your suggestions are heard and can easily be implemented. The organisation itself is very well organised - the induction process is really smooth, so you can hit the ground running in classes. The community is really welcoming; the kids, families, schools and community leaders are very familiar with the programs. Some of the best moments are when the community comes together to see the children's work, and your daily walks through the village when the kids run out to greet you in a warm hug. Having weekends free means there is a chance to explore Honduras. Aware of it's reputation, I was worried it would be dangerous. In the 6 months I spent there, which included the controversial reelections, I never felt like there was any immediate danger in the community. Outside of El Provenir, as with any travel, there are certain precautions to be taken, but the on-site management team is great to ensure everyone is aware of them, so safety isn't compromised."- Laura Ramos

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