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This mentorship programme includes live participation in a variety of possible Latin American contexts - directly mentored by experienced journalists - in which the individual will be on the ground in Latin America (a number of placements available) researching and devising stories, in addition to developing, writing and submitting for publication. Candidates will emerge with high quality portfolios of published work as well as experience directly relevant to pursuing freelance work or a career in Journalism, specifically focused to the environment, or Latin America. Whilst in country, you will also assist with a range of environmental and community projects and initiatives in and around the city of Campeche, south-east Mexico. Along with several local key partner organisations, this year our projects are based around generating a truly integral and coherent vision of heritage which not only deals with historical landmarks but encompasses a progressive vision for the future of our city and community, with the essential values needed to grow an alliance between who we have been and who we hope to become. Placements will be individually tailored according to interests and existing experience in order to enable wide-ranging skill development and community engagement.


Ninth Wave Global


A willingness to learn and respond to feedback.

Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 month minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

As a small non-profit, we manage to maintain our independence by not being funded by outside agencies or corporates, and as such we do ask for a contribution towards costs of placement from successful applicants, which is US$300/month mentoring costs for a remote placement and for in-situ placements this can reach a maximum of US$940/month and covers food, accommodation, equipment etc. We are emphatically non-profiteers - a problem with a lot of the sector - but we do have costs we need to cover to stay afloat, not least in these tricky times. Finally, we deliberately receive small numbers of individuals to work with us and invest a lot of time, effort and support in their placements - previous individuals who have worked with us are always available to give a sense of their experience.

Other information:


Incredible, life-changing experience
"My time with N.W. will change how my perspective forever. The people are incredible, so patient and knowledgeable, and doing so much important work in Campeche that is setting an example for more sustainable communities throughout the world. Between opening a zero waste shop, working with rescue animals, learning about plants indigenous to the Yucatán peninsula, living in a zero waste home, working with kids in environmental education, and becoming part of the community at the Green Market, I felt like all of my time with N.W. was so meaningful. I learned so much and had so much fun, and formed some really unique bonds with the community. I cannot recommend this program enough! It will change the ways you approach problems and the way you view unfamiliar spaces. Such a life-changing experience."- Chelsea Hafer
A Truly Special Opportunity
"Working with N.W.G. has been an amazing opportunity to widen my perspective on environmental issues on a global level. I grew up watching the news and listening to the radio, so journalism was always an interest of mine; yet, I never found the opportunity to jump in and be a journalist myself. Working under Jon, who is an amazing writer and mentor, has been an eye-opening experience. Even being remote, the team at N.W.G. has been whole-heartedly supportive and flexible in supporting their journalists and offering the best learning experience for them to succeed going forward in their career, whether it be journalism-related or not."- Zach Huang
My Amazing Experience of an Environmental Journalism Internship
"N.W.G is a phenomenal organization advocating dialogue over environmental issues across the globe. By working in the frontiers of the world and promoting dialogue and greater understanding, The N.W.G offers marvelous opportunities for adventures and environmental advocates alike. When their bespoke expeditions are not possible due to events like the COVID-19 pandemic, their alternative—an environmental journalism internship—is equally bespoke and worthwhile. Jon Bonfiglio is a spectacular mentor who helped me improve my writing and gain more confidence as an environmental journalist. From finding publications to share the work of emerging writers with the world to helping you improve your literary analysis, Jon invests an invaluable amount of time in the growth of budding environmental journalists. He exposed me to the joys of journalism in the environmental sector. I recommend opportunities, remote or in person, with N.W.G unhesitatingly. I look forward to future adventures with them."- Beto Wetter
Building skills and opening doors
"I have always been interested in journalism but never knew how to jump into the field. At N.W.G, I had the opportunity to pursue journalism on a topic I am passionate about (the environment), and their strong educational component taught me crucial skills like mindful editing, pitching, interviewing, liaising with editors, and storytelling. Not only did I learn and develop writing and journalism skills, but I wrote about diverse environmental topics and learned in-depth information on each throughout the process. Even though I worked remotely, I still developed a strong relationship with my supervisor, who was available anytime to answer questions, offer critique, and give guidance and direction. Finally, what an incredible thrill is it to have not just one, but several published pieces of work in various news sources bearing your name!"- Raquel Smith
"Finding a project where I was certain that my contribution was productive and of value to a local community was of utmost importance to me and that is exactly what I found here. I didn't have to look far in Campeche to see the real positive influence that the projects are having there, and it is this that has left a lasting impact on me. During the months of July and August this year, I spent my time volunteering both on the community projects, as well as the turtle conservation programme. Learning and witnessing first-hand the threats to turtle hatchlings and mothers on the beach was a real eye-opener to how fragile our ecosystem is, however, the dedication and enthusiasm that is poured into this project is admirable. Waking up in a hammock on a beach in the heart of Mexico is also an experience in itself. Working with this organization offers volunteers a well-rounded experience with the number of projects you can get involved in. From learning about Permaculture and how to live a more zero-waste lifestyle, to engaging with the local community at the weekly green market and learning about Mexican culture. Not to mention the wonderful people I had the joy to work with who made my time extra special. I cannot recommend the experience enough to other individuals, it is hard work but extremely rewarding and I have returned home even more motivated than before to do my bit to protect our planet. I will most definitely be returning!"- Rhona Macdonald

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