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Volunteer with Low-Income Children Mexico



We serve the San Miguel community by providing free childcare to single mothers and low-income families. Our mission is impossible to fulfill without volunteers. Volunteers work as teachers' aides. Their tasks include changing diapers, wiping faces, cleaning up after meals, brushing teeth, taking children to the bathroom, and serving food. Volun […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
Between 5 days and 6 months

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 16+

US$35 non-refundable application fee. Accommodation rates for our volunteer house are US$180 per week or US$600 per month. For stays of 2 months or longer, the fee is US$550 per month. Our volunteer house fees include a full kitchen, Wi-Fi, daily house cleaning, all linens and towels, breakfast and lunch at our centre Monday-Friday, and laundry machines and detergent.

Other information:
Space in our volunteer house is limited to 12 individuals. Applicants are encouraged to plan in advance to reserve their desired dates.


Great Volunteering Opportunity with Kids in Need
"Great facility for volunteers to stay at - clean, comfortable, and next door to day care. Very rewarding volunteering experience for those who love kids. San Miguel is an awesome town with a lot to do."- Clark Britan
Feel the life
"I had a lovely time volunteering. I helped play, make art, feed, wash hands at toilet time, dress and get ready the babies and just interact with the children. A lovely experience."- Angela Fuller
The experience of a lifetime
"Several years ago I had the opportunity to spend over three months working with and living with the incredible people of this project. In this time I was able to build enriching relationships with the moms, children, teachers, staff, and other volunteers. This close knit community is so living giving to the families of San Miguel and it was a joy to work with them as well as learn from their organization. This opportunity also allowed me to know local families as well as getting to explore the area and all the beauty it has to offer."- Hannah Lee
Great organization!
"This is a great place to volunteer! The children are adorable and the parents are so grateful for a place to take their children, while they go to work. I love that we serve two meals a day to those in the daycare! This organization serves the lowest income families in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende. It has been very rewarding to teach the parents and teachers English as a Second language and yoga to the older kids. Usually, I help the classroom teacher and deliver food from the kitchen to each classroom. Being in the classroom is interesting. If you want to review and improve your Spanish, this is a great place to do it! I have volunteered here about 10 times. Sometimes I stay for a week and other times I stay longer. The Volunteer House is beautiful and comfortable. I enjoy cooking and relaxing there. The view from the rooftop is spectacular, as it overlooks the city."- Tammy Kjos
Life-changing experience!
"I spent the entire summer of 2015 in San Miguel de Allende volunteering with this organization which was an absolutely life changing experience. The entire center, teachers, staff, the children and the other volunteers helped me build my own little community within San Miguel. I loved forming relationships with other visitors (like myself) and with locals (some of which have become life-long friends!) and having the opportunity to travel to various cities and pueblos in Mexico. I have continued to visit San Miguel de Allende each year since I lived there. The volunteer house is beautiful and a great option to stay in while living and volunteering in San Miguel. I never had to worry about my safety or security, as San Miguel is very tranquil. Best of all, was spending time daily with the children and watching them grow. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a volunteer opportunity with children in Mexico."- Kara Stevenson
An unforgettable experience
"I visited this project for a couple of months in 2014. It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed working with the children and getting to know the teachers. The day I left, I knew I would return. I went back the following year and saw the progress in the children I met during my first visit. Their care for the children and mothers is evident. I have volunteered with various organizations and in other countries and this is definitely the one I look forward to returning to."- Sandra Valiente
The Receiving Is So Much Better Than The Giving
"For several years now, I have worked with the five year old angels at Centro Infantil. My program, one that I initiated, is to introduce these amazing children to art, opera and ballet. Their enthusiasm, their gratitude, and their efforts to learn my subjects make every minute I spend with them a joy beyond measure. By the time the children graduate they will have learned that an opera is a play in which people sing instead of talk and that a ballet is a play in which they dance instead of talk. The children will begin the year learning shapes and colors in Spanish and English, and will have met Cubism. They continue to learn about architecture, Impressionism and a variety of artistic styles. I make figures of some of the operas and ballets for them. Their graduation is my hardest moment: saying farewell to their hugs and kisses, but knowing that in just a few months a rewarding experience with a new class awaits me. Nothing I can do for these children compares with the rewards I feel with every experience with them. Try it. You'll like it."- Mireille Grovier
An opportunity not to be missed
"This is an opportunity not to be missed. The children are both beautiful and delightful. Most are from young single mom homes that sometimes live at a bare subsistence level. All of the children are treated to the highest level of love and respect. Working with them will make your heart sing. The city of San Miguel de Allende is one of the most beautiful in the world. Sitting on a crystal mountain at 6,000 feet above sea level. There are over 300 festivals here a year. It's the wedding capital of Mexico with street dancing and bands playing constantly. It's a walking city. Tons of restaurants, Cafe's, pubs etc. You can get to most places on foot within 30 minutes. Buses cost 7 pesos or 35 cents US. Taxies or Uber are available for an average cost of 50 pesos or $3 US. No beaches nearby but this is one adventure that you won't regret booking."- Rick Kamenshine
Best volunteering experience
"I have volunteered at many places and this was the best volunteering experience I have ever had. 1) because of the kids. They are amazing and volunteering here really makes an impact for them. 2) because the staff is awesome and makes you feel at home. 3) because of location, the city of San Miguel is awesome and there are many day activities you can do in the afternoon after your volunteering responsibilities have concluded. The whole experience was magical - do it."- John Wenstrand
A Life Changing Event
"In 2014, I fled Florida after going through a divorce, to spend 3 months in San Miguel de Allende. I was in need of creating a new chapter in my life, so I rented a house, enrolled in school, spent every day taking Spanish lesson and volunteering at the school 3 days a week. It was quite and experience, given the fact I was in my mid 60s, had no children, and was taking beginner Spanish lessons in town. I compare it to an "Outward Bound experience for seniors". The lead teacher in the class was young woman by the name of Cinthia Robledo Acuna. Over time we became good friends. We'd go to dinner and to jazz occasionally and learned to communicate by signing and with her passable English and my poor Spanish, laughing all the way! Our responsibilities were for the 0-2 year old children; it was pure joy. We diapered and fed them, sang songs to them and played games with them in both languages. When the day was done, we bathed and dressed them to be presentable for pick up, mostly by Mothers, sometimes by Fathers. I remember particularly a boy named Leo. He was the "alpha male" in the class always checking the play pens which were make shift cribs for the babies; always eating any leftovers from the last meal. I always thought Leo would make a great football player. I held his hand when he took his first steps! There is a picture attached with my arm guiding him. The day I left the school to prepare for my flight back to the States the staff threw me a little good-bye party. I still cry when I open the beautiful card, and I think of wealth of experience I gained in many venues. To this day I miss them all, especially Leo and Cinthia! God bless the staff and all those beautiful children who have benefited from being at the school."- Judith Pollins
Best vacation I have ever taken
"I have taken vacations and enjoyed them. But, until I went and spent it volunteering here, I never knew there was a better way to spend a holiday. What wonderful memories me and my family have. I must say that the children and staff gave us more than we gave them. The intrinsic rewards made this an experience we plan to repeat. Loved it!"- Jeannette Drenner
Truly Incredible Experience
"I don't know that I have the words to convey how highly I recommend this organization. The volunteer program is well run, rewarding, and fun. The volunteer house, located conveniently directly next to the daycare, is beautiful and spacious- a true home. The teachers and kids at the daycare are dedicated, friendly, and loving. You'll immediately feel part of the family, and feel truly helpful to the organization. Plus, you get to live in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, where there's always something to do, or something incredible to see."- Amelia Coffin

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