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Forming EcoVillage Panama



Our EcoVillage Project has opportunities for long-term (preferably 3+ month) volunteers. The learning potential here is enormous, as we are building an intentional community from scratch! This is an EcoVillage in formation. Our center of operations is at Casa Ubuntu - our shared living and working space. In addition, we have our Finca, 21ha of land, much of it in its natural state – a mix of rolling grasslands, highly eroded areas and forested gullies, escarpments and galleries along the river and stream. A few years back we built an access bridge, planted a 1/2Ha food forest garden, established a couple of swales, and built the Rainbow Bunkhouse in our pioneer camp area with dry compost toilet, rainwater capture for shower and sinks, and an outdoor kitchen. More recently we installed electricity, dug a well & installed a pump, built a dam and dug quite a few swales throughout our food forest. We also have a plant nursery and an area with raised beds for annual veggie production. Casa Ubuntu is in the town of Antón, Panama and the Finca is about 15 minutes away by car. For the technology/marketing positions (see below), we hope that you're eco-conscious and interested in Permaculture. We also hope that if you're here while we're running a Permaculture course you'll participate in it. For the Finca Projects prior experience designing Permaculture interventions in one or more of our areas of need is extremely helpful, and preferably also interest in participating in a PDC while you're here (we tend to hold them twice a year). These courses are quite affordable and very intense!

Key needs:

Technology: Website, Positioning, Marketing (Max 2 positions)

These positions are currently housed at the Guest House and require knowledge and experience in Word Press website design and maintenance, SEO, digital/online marketing including social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (and other emerging outlets). Tasks include updating and improving the website, improving and implementing marketing plans, creating/editing content, interacting on social media platforms to increase engagement and followers, troubleshooting technology issues. Ideally also includes taking photographs and videos, and administrative support (e.g., replying to emails, replying and creating engagements on social media platforms). 3-5 hrs per day – 5 days/week – live at the guest house. Number of hours to be agreed together with scope of work.

Finca Projects; food forest and annual raised bed gardens, water systems, power systems (Max 4 positions)

We need to tend the existing food forest, work on water systems and start to look at options for generating electricity throughout the finca. We’re also planning some structures like a ‘rancho’ or ‘gazebo’ type shelter for meetings and training events, swales, dams made of recycled materials, clay, rocks, etc. with spillways, ponds and irrigation channels. We also need detailed topographical maps showing contours, vegetation, paths/trails and roads, and other features of note such as streams, springs (if any), gullies/run-off ditches, changes in elevation, etc. We expect that those working at the finca will each take primary responsibility for one area and will collaborate with one another as needed. The main areas we see at the moment are mapping (so we can develop a comprehensive site plan), water systems/swales, etc, buildings, annual vegetable production & processing, introduction of animal systems, and alternative energy sources. 3-5 hrs per day, 5 days/week. Number of hours to be agreed together with scope of work. Live on the land in the bunkhouse. May include up to 2 days per week at the guest house (space permitting). Rotate time away from the finca so that there’s always someone on the land.

Please apply via email to 8vaVidaPanama@gmail.com, describing your background and interests, what projects you would like to participate in, and your approximate or planned volunteering period. We will follow up by email and set up a video call by skype, zoom, or whatsapp.


8th Life Panama EcoVillage Project

Antón, Coclé

We're looking for people who are environmentally conscious, community oriented, and interested in Permaculture. Experience and skills needed varies according to the work and is explained in the description.

Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 month minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

While we don't charge volunteers a set fee, we do all share in food expenses (US$20-US$30/week), cooking and meals and sure do appreciate it when volunteers leave us a donation towards the project.

Other information:


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