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We are a registered Peruvian NGO nestled in a valley between the majestic mountains of Huaraz, Peru. The program has been running since 2006 from our own small school in the centre of Huaraz. The school provides a safe space for 50 impoverished children between the ages of 6 and 18 who are at a high risk of dropping out of public school. Classes are held from 9am to 12pm and 3pm to 6pm, Monday through Friday. We provide support with homework as well as being given emotional support from our volunteers.

We always need International Volunteers and welcome anyone with a positive outlook and enthusiasm. In Huaraz, the school day is very short with an average of 4 hours so Seeds of Hope aims to extend this learning by providing a safe environment to learn with volunteers to enhance their learning. Following the pandemic when learning was online, our focus has been on mathematics as many students do not understand the basics, including adding, subtracting and multiplying, while their school classes are trying to teach more advanced mathematics. We are trying to bridge the gap. Literacy, reading and spelling is another focus for the younger students. We do not require volunteers to be experts in teaching or these subjects as the subjects tend to be very basic. The children are taught to take responsibility for their own education and to value the opportunity they have to learn. Other projects we run include teaching the importance of personal hygiene; providing a nutritious meal each day, financial support through giving the students school uniforms, study materials, and covering school matriculation fees as necessary for each child to attend the public schools here in Huaraz. In addition, we also help to provide medical assistance by trained professionals (or in conjunction with other organisations) should the need arise.

There are many opportunities to partner with us, whether it is working directly with the children as a school tutor or through working with us on projects such as: environmental education and sustainability (recycling and gardening projects); building construction and maintenance; media and communication (video and photography projects); performing and visual arts workshops (puppet show and mural projects); English classes; literacy and numeracy (developing literacy learning resources and mental maths competitions; health and wellbeing (health education, sports and games to encourage physical fitness); fundraising (fundraising events and merchandise); social work (programs to raise self-esteem and prevent teenage pregnancy). We also run evening English classes in person and online which we encourage volunteers to engage in. There are no classes on the weekend, so volunteers are free to explore the Peruvian countryside. Our Director, Yuri has lived in Huaraz his whole life and has fantastic knowledge of the activities and best excursions to do in Huaraz and around the area. Throughout the year, we organise six major events which combine our volunteers, local tutors and students to get to know each other better. You can visit our website to find out more.


Seeds of Hope


Whilst experience working with children is ideal, it is not a requirement to come and volunteer with us. As long as you have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for working with children, we know you will have a great impact at Seeds. Our school is a Spanish speaking environment; however volunteers come to us with a range of Spanish speaking abilities. A main component of your role as a school tutor is to help the children with their homework and so, having at least a basic level of Spanish proves helpful with this.

Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
2 weeks minimum (at least 1 month recommended)

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+ (unless accompanied by an adult)

For international volunteers, we ask for a US$200 monthly contribution fee, as we are still a small NGO and our funding is limited. This money goes directly towards the children and the operational costs of keeping our organisation running. We have a very safe and secure volunteer’s apartment in the heart of the city, within walking distance to our school. If you would like to stay with us the cost of accommodation is as follows: Dorm (shared) room with ensuite (US$220 monthly), Twin-share room, shared bathroom (US$240 monthly), Private room, shared bathroom (US$260 monthly).

Other information:
We can arrange cheap Spanish classes with a local Peruvian tutor if interested.


Absolutely Incredible!
"My time at Seeds of Hope in Huaraz was absolutely incredible! Seeds of Hope is committed to its mission and effectively uses its volunteers to further its goal. The children are incredibly respectful and are an absolute joy to work with. The organization is well-organized and provides plenty of information to help volunteers prepare for their time abroad. Spanish is not a requirement to volunteer, but I will say that it is helpful to come in with a little bit of background knowledge. If you don't have any Spanish experience, that's totally fine too- Seeds is great about welcoming volunteers of all levels! At the very least, however, volunteers should come in with an open mind and a willingness to learn. For 20 soles/week ($6), you can have a private or group lesson with a local Spanish tutor which I would highly recommend. The volunteer apartment is conveniently located in the centre of Huaraz, allowing for easy access to the school, the market, the supermarket, and Plaza de Armas. The apartment is safe and comfortable and is perfect for first time or solo travellers. The volunteer schedule is fantastic and allows for a three hour break in the middle of the day which is perfect for lunch, napping, or exploring the city. Furthermore, there are a variety of treks, hikes, and tourist locations that you can visit during the weekend for roughly 50 soles/trip ($16). Former volunteers have left books of advice and tips about "Things to Do" in Huaraz, so it is very easy to plan weekend or day trips. I found Seeds of Hope to be an affordable, enriching, and life-changing experience. If there's a place to volunteer, it is most definitely Seeds of Hope in Peru!"- Lauren Gornto
Great Project and Organisation!
"This is a great project and organisation! I volunteered here for 5 months in 2016-17. It is really a humbling and enlightening experience; immersing oneself in another culture is fantastic. It is so rewarding watching kids in poverty progress through education, and the connections you make with the kids are most definitely the highlight for me. This project is a great way to improve your Spanish, I arrived with minimal Spanish oral and written skills in November and I improved dramatically during my time. The Peruvian Volunteers are great, as is Yuri, the Director. I do recommend if possible coming for 2 months or more because the bond you make with the children increases the longer you stay. I came as a Volunteer and ended up as the International Coordinator, so you never know what may happen!"- Jonathan Woods
Can’t Wait to Go Back!!!
"I spent 7 months volunteering at this organization and loved every second of it. The administration really personally takes care of all the activities and the children's needs. Volunteers both local and international are very friendly. The whole experience was very enriching and can't wait to go back!!! The kids are amazing and have such big hearts. They welcome you with open arms and make you feel at home."- Elizabeth Hazboun
A Truly Wonderful Organisation
"A truly wonderful organisation. The work they do here is incredible and Huaraz is a lovely city with plenty of day hikes and longer treks to the beautiful Cordillera Blanca. The kids are brilliant, there are about 50 of them who come to Seeds and no two are the same, you get to know them as individuals and it's a real pleasure working with them. The passion and creativity of the people who run Seeds is inspirational and they make you feel right at home, making it an ideal experience if it's your first time travelling. Some knowledge of Spanish will certainly allow you to get the most out of your time here but I arrived in Peru I knowing very little Spanish yet was still able to help the kids. A friendly local teacher offers lessons for 20 soles per hour session (about 5) and you will definitely find yourself making lots of new Peruvian friends to practice with every day. If you like working with kids, want to practice your Spanish or want to learn what it's like working in a small NGO with impoverished communities, you will certainly enjoy volunteering with Seeds. I spent 6 weeks in Huaraz and I really do miss working with the kids."- Philip Fernandes
A Great Organisation to Volunteer At!
"This is a great organization to volunteer at! The owner is very welcoming to new foreign volunteers. The apartment for volunteers also makes for a fun and affordable living environment, in the centre of the city. The environment in the school is very laid back and fun with lots of games and learning. All of the Peruvian volunteers are very helpful with handling the kids and explaining what they need or want. And the KIDS!! They are incredibly fun, well behaved, and greatly enjoy learning from and interacting with the volunteers. Fluency in Spanish is definitely NOT needed to volunteer here! Huaraz is also a perfect city to explore and enjoy the breathtaking (literally) mountain scenery of the Andes Mountains. The staff are also super helpful about answering questions if a potential volunteer has them."- Daniel Russell

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