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Organic Farm in Costa Rica Costa Rica



Our small nature reserve and sustainable farm is located in the foothills of the Talamaca Mountains in Costa Rica’s southern zone. Since our conception in 1989 we have been dedicated to creating a model farm, which demonstrates the goals of sustainability and ecological land use.
Volunteers are required to work 4 hours per day, 5 d […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
We prefer a 1 month stay but shorter stays can be arranged

Age requirement:
Children, teenagers, adults, seniors of both sexes

US$15 per day. The fee includes accommodation and a fully equipped kitchen for cooking. We provide your basic staples as well as anything else that is growing on organic farm at the time of your stay including organic coffee and chocolate, lots of fruit from a variety of fruit trees. We have fresh milk and cheese available from our neighbors as well. You will be responsible for buying any other food items that you may desire.

Other information:
We also offer managerial positions that are work/exchange for being on the farm. However, we require a one month stay at US$15/day before we can make that commitment just to make sure that it is a good fit for all of us. Keep in mind that this is not for everyone. If you are looking for a place to hang out and party all night, then this is not the place for you. We are not a hostel. We welcome people who are interested in learning about organic gardening and sustainable agriculture in the tropics. We suggest a one-month stay and prefer 3 months to one year.


Like coming home
"Coming here was like coming home. After having worked and adventured across Central America for several months, going down the hill towards to the fields and river banks of the farm was like entering a sanctuary. That, however, didn’t mean that neither the work nor the adventure ended, but the setting and the purpose just made it all less tiresome and more meaningful. And Suzana and Miguel’s presence made it all feel more “familiar”. Looking back, it was like going away for the summer with your cousins to live at your gramps place. Thank you for providing a safe place in a fast paced world! Here, the food chain is a holistic process that starts with the mood of the person sowing the seeds, continues with healthy soil and loving care, and ends with mindful enjoyment. I think that’s a beautiful way of stressing the complexities and intersections of this mysterious web of life we’re in. And teaching these wisdoms to the younger generations is a noble task."- Per Fredell
One of my favorite places on Earth
"What Suzanna and Miguel have created on their farm is nothing short of magical. If you are looking for peace, tranquility, and a true slice of paradise then this is the place for you. Of course, you also must be eager to learn about farming in the tropics and willing to do hands on work. Suzanna is an angel and her welcoming smile is all you need to feel at home. Please bring good vibes only to the project. It is a sacred place unlike any other and holds a very special place in the hearts of over 1000 volunteers. The volunteer quarters has everything you need to feel comfortable - a library, kitchen, bathroom, shower, beds, etc. and is very close to the river where you can swim & play. You should be comfortable spending your time outside in nature. Enjoy every minute!"- Melanie Tucci

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