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Rainforest Permaculture Volunteering Costa Rica



We provide immersive, hands-on educational opportunities for community members, visitors, and up to 6 volunteers to learn about Permaculture, regenerative design models, rainforest and biodiversity conservation, sustainable food production, food security, ethnobotany and herbalism all while transforming pasture land into an abundant source of fo […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 month minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

US$15 per day which includes lodging and meals (Costa Rican style breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other information:
There are numerous benefits such as being surrounded by rainforest and spending time on a gorgeous beach front property.


Wonderful Project & Lots of Opportunity
"I spend three months as a volunteer for the Rainforest Permaculture Farm. This place is remote, but gorgeous. I was lucky to spend most of my nights at Ocean Forest, which is a sister initiative & ecolodge nearby. The project is still is in its early stage of development, meaning, there's a lot to be learned and done: from digging swales, to planting trees and coordinating volunteers. Jonathon is a walking encyclopedia for anything related to biodiversity, conservation, plants & medicine, which is a delight to be around. You do have to be self-motivated & disciplined here and willing to put in the work, this will provide a big reward for your personal development & learning!"- Jeroen Timmers

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