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Volunteer With Howler Monkeys and Other Species Costa Rica



At our wildlife refuge we rescue, rehabilitate and return to the jungle, injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife. While we rescue all wildlife the Howler Monkey has become our speciality.
We were founded in 1999 and are now a Costa Rican non-profit foundation, one of only 4 government certified wildlife rescue centres in Costa Rica.

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 month minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 21+ or 18+ with letters of reference

US$150 which is refundable if commitment is fulfilled. Accommodations are available at the refuge or local hostels but are not free. We will be happy to assist with your housing arrangements and have information available on most options. Accommodations at the refuge are available at a cost of US$125 per person per week in a shared room. Additional information is available.

Other information:
We are located near one of the premier surf beaches in Costa Rica and volunteers are encouraged to enjoy their off time in this beautiful place.


Little to no animal interaction
"The sanctuary does a wonderful job rehabilitating the howler monkeys but I was very disappointed that all feeding of the animals were done by the local staff and as a volunteer our role was restricted to cleaning, laundry , creating enrichment and food preparation. We cleaned enclosures but mainly when the animals were not in them. Very disappointing compared to 5 other sanctuaries I have worked at as you did not even get to see the animals for most of the 8 hr working day"- Kathy Netherclift
Monkey Madness!
"I spent this past July living and working at the refuge as a volunteer. My schedule changed often as there weren't many volunteers working for the first couple of weeks. Depending on my schedule that day, I would be able to walk around the mountain and enjoy the beautiful oceans views and indigenous plants and animals, or walk down to the beach and catch a few waves before starting my shift. My shift involved cutting a lot of fruit, cleaning and replenishing enclosures, doing laundry, and the occasional baby howler monkey handling. The work at the refuge is constant as there are so many animals that need care. I got to experience hands on experience with many baby orphaned howler monkeys, an owl, pizote, squirrels, porcupine, blue jays, opossums, and many more species. It truly is very hard work, but so rewarding to be working with these amazing animals. After my shift, I would go down to the volunteer apartment and relax. It was such a cozy space with AC in the bedroom (very nice in the hot and humid months), wifi, a full kitchen, hot water shower and living area. Overall, this was an amazing experience. The staff was incredibly informative and welcoming. Everyone loved to sing and make jokes, while being very focused on the well being of every single animal. If you don't mind dealing with monkey poop and want to be surrounded by baby monkeys, then this is a great opportunity!"- Annie Robertson

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