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Organic Farming Project Ecuador



Our Organic Farm social enterprise is also an Agroecology Training Centre. The area where we are based was once dense forest which has largely been cleared for cattle farming and cropping. The farm is a model of sustainable agriculture and Permaculture. It demonstrates self sufficiency, alternative technologies, seed saving, etc. using a combina […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 month minimum is preferred but shorter stays can be accommodated.

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

The project costs US$365 per month for food and lodging. The 4 week training course in organic agriculture costs an additional US$175. Accommodation is provided in one of the rustic shared cabins and three tasty creative meals per day are prepared largely with the organic produce from the farm. The food is mainly vegetarian, but occasionally chicken, fish, and river shrimp will be served.

Other information:
Two month long intensive courses in sustainable agriculture are held a year at the farm and 5 day - 4 week part-time training courses for volunteers. This course enables volunteers to gain a greater understanding of organic farming and other methods of non-contaminating sustainable agriculture. Some of the topics the course covers include: urban composting, worm farming, moon influences, principles of Permaculture and design, mulch gardening, plant protection (pests and diseases), biodynamic farming, seed saving, etc. The 4 week course for volunteers is run every July and November regardless of number of participants, and other months if there are a minimum of 4 students.


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