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Healthy Snacks / Nutrition Intern Honduras



A large percentage of the children who attend our free classes are arriving hungry. Food insecurity is a big problem in our community and the goal of the Healthy Snacks program is to provide a protein-filled snack to each child who attends our free classes. A nutritionist provides appropriate recipes. Two local women prepare some of the snacks a […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
6 months minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 19+

Your only cost is housing which is US$21 per week. Your housing also includes purified water and Wi-Fi access. After 6 months your housing will be at no cost.

Other information:
Our community is welcoming and safe and fronts on the Caribbean Sea! There are two managers on site. Note that we are looking for a 6+ month commitment (ideally 12 months) for this internship. Starting and ending dates are flexible.


Healthy Snacks Intern
"My experience volunteering with HCA was undoubtably positive. I knew I wanted to study nutrition but this experience has really shaped my view not only on nutrition by how culture, family, beliefs, tradition, are all strong determinants health. During my time, my ideas for helping the program were listened to and I had the opportunity to try new things while still being guided and advised as needed. As for the general classes, it is amazing what learning environments they help create for the kids to stimulate their creativity and give them opportunities to learn more than what is just taught in school. Being a volunteer at HCA you are remarkably accepted into the community with open arms. Pretty quickly did I get to know tons of the kids and their families and learn more about the culture and the health of this population which is not something that can be learnt from a textbook. Not only did I have a wonderful learning experience but I was connected with the brilliant and big hearted network of volunteers that HCA attracts. I did not come for that reason but I did end up learning a lot from my peers and making some life long friends. A year and a half has gone by and I am still involved in the organization because I truly believe in what they are working towards and see a lot of opportunity for the future of the kids."- Lynda Lawrence

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