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Rescue Centre for Amazonian Animals Peru



We are a rescue centre which cares for and rehabilitates confiscated and poorly treated animals, returning them to their natural habitat inside in the jungle. Our mission is to restore biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon, including; returning animals to the wild and improving conservation in the area. The project has returned over 800 animals to […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
2 weeks minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

The project costs 250 Peruvian Soles for 2 weeks (approx. US$77) which includes accommodation at the animal centre and a donation to the project (e.g. to buy provisions for animals).

Other information:


Monkey bites
"Orlando does really good work with the monkeys. Some of the animals that arrive there are in a really bad condition such as missing limbs and he always puts them first. His life is completely dedicated to them. However, the location doesn’t have a proper infra-structure for volunteers and I felt it was important to mention this because I know now that other people had the same problem as me: The monkeys are free and can be really aggressive, therefore we are not allowed outside of the kitchen between 6am and 7.30pm which is the time they are awake. However, because there are no bathrooms indoors you have to go outside to go to the toilet (in the river), so a few times a day you have no choice but to be exposed to the monkeys and I was bitten four times. I was going to stay a month but left after two weeks because the last injury was too bad and I had to leave to go to the hospital and get treatment."- Maureen Doyle

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