Volunteering Abroad Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Volunteer at Amazon Animal Orphanage Peru

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
4 weeks minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 21+

There is no program fee but volunteers make a small one-off donation to cover their operational costs (US$50). There is no accommodation on-site but accommodation and food is available a nearby village, only a 5 minute walk away. Several low cost options are available (from US$6-10 per day), depending on your preferences. There is a basic kitchen to prepare food during work hours.

Other information:
If you are interested in participating as a volunteer please send an email with your details and proposed dates and the volunteer coordinator will respond with a small, simple application form and a detailed guide of the sanctuary.

Our organisation is devoted to caring for animals affected by the black market animal trade in the Amazon jungle of Peru. We take in animals, often endangered, confiscated by the ecological police in city markets, airports and homes, often in terrible condition. We work to educate the public, both locals and tourists, about this growing trade, a […]

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