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Ecovillage - Permaculture & Art Brazil



We are an Ecovillage and a Private Natural Reserve was established 30 years ago, equivalent to a National Park. We have a strong focus on being as self-sustainable as possible specially when it comes to food production through agroforestry and organic gardening besides many other Permaculture practices, we also focus heavily on artistic expressi […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
1 month

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 25+ (families, couples and seniors welcome)

We charge US$20 per day for stays shorter than 15 days and US$15 per day for longer stays. The fee includes accommodation in the Ecovillage, full board (vegetarian/vegan), Wi-Fi, access to all courses and events during your stay, and total immersion in everything related to the ecovillage. We also offer free stays to volunteers with lots of experience, knowledge or specific skills.

Other information:
Private single or couple room accommodation is possible with an extra cost, as well as airport transportation and tours. The area where we are located is extremely safe, far from the possible risks of the Rio de Janeiro City. Furthermore if you have the dream of living in an ecovillage permanently in the future, here we are trying to build a stable community of fixed residents. It is for everyone to work and grow together, sharing not only the space and our dreams but also the economic fruits of our ecovillage and our work. But this all needs a trial period as a regular volunteer before. It is also important to say that as we are a community that needs to remain stable and peaceful, both us and volunteers would be doing a simple monthly assessment to decide if everything is working for both parts, checking if there is synergy between us, work and the project, in order to decide together whether to continue or suspend volunteering.


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