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Animal Welfare Programme Mexico



We are a Mexican charity offering a free, mobile spay/neuter clinic operating primarily in the area of the Bay of Banderas (Puerto Vallarta).  In addition to our weekly education program in local schools, our mobile clinic visits towns and neighbourhoods in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco, sterilizing between 100 and 150 cats and dogs eve […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
Flexible - from a few hours to a year

Age requirement:
Teenagers and adults of both sexes 14+

There is no cost to participate but volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses (accommodation, food, etc).

Other information:
More information is available on our website and blog.


Helping Decrease the Population of Street Animals in Mexico
"I am a French woman, I volunteered with this organization for a whole summer in 2013 when I was 43. Their clinic is from Wednesday till Saturday and each week they change places. I learned sooo much on those clinics. As a volunteer your first task is to monitor the pets once they have had their surgery, you study their heart rate, temperature and breathing. Anything out of the ordinary, you warn the vet tech. You also can take care of washing the crates, cleaning up the surgical instruments, etc. I also loved discovering each week a new neighbourhood, a real Mexican one and not one of those touristy places. As I speak Spanish, I could try to transmit my knowledge on the benefits of sterilizing one's pet to the locals as a lot of them need an incentive to do so, especially for the male dogs. I also enjoyed learning from them the difficulties and joys of their lives. I met a lot of pet rescuers too as we use those free clinics for our rescues. I am now a rescuer myself and use their services regularly, when I do I usually volunteer for the day. Like this I can take care of my rescues. It is not always easy as you see a lot of very sick pets, infested with internal and external parasites..... but when you know about reality you can do something about it. You really make a difference in these pets lives and some of their owners, the most important is that the message is slowly but surely spreading, sterilize your pets, it is the ONLY SOLUTION to the misery of abandoned pets. Mexico has more than 12 millions of homeless pets in pitiful conditions, you help get that number down."- Benedicte Laur

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