Volunteering Abroad Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Career Change into Sustainability & Green Business Initiatives Mexico



During the current crisis, we recognise the difficulty many people and communities are enduring, but also believe that this may be the right time to rethink existing personal and professional paradigms, emerging from the pandemic in a new sector, ready to establish and drive forward values-based business initiatives. We work internationally but […]

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Dates of program:
Year round

Duration of program:
2 weeks minimum

Age requirement:
Adults of both sexes 18+

GBP£550 per calendar month real life which includes shared accommodation, lunch 5 days/week, internal transport (i.e. between projects etc). Online costs to be discussed.

Other information:


Unforgettable Experience
"Volunteering for an organisation so focussed on zero waste initiatives and sustainable development opened my eyes to the detrimental environmental effects our planet is currently facing. Within Campeche, the inclusion of the local businesses and community working towards a sustainable globe is admirable, with weekly events such as the green market showcasing talent and ideas within the city and allowing others to experience it. I found volunteering to be rewarding and a great sense of accomplishment is achieved, both mentally and physically. Within their expeditions, having been lucky enough to experience the Usumacinta River in Mexico and the Amazonia in Peru, allowed me to live returning to basics, realising how much waste I produce on a singular level, let alone on global level. Learning valuable knowledge from rural communities, the experience of volunteering for this organisation made me realise the importance of living within another culture. From sleeping in a hammock alongside a river, to being awoken by nature and getting to engage with the local communities will be something I cannot forget, and an experience which I will continue to practice."- Molly Ford
An Unforgettable Opportunity
"Working here gave me an incomparable breadth of experiences which allowed me to explore the boundaries of what I knew, and to change my perspective on things I had taken for granted. There are few harder working, or more dedicated, people in the world than I met here, and I would truly recommend this opportunity as perfect for anyone who is interested in the environment and sustainability."- Shannon Collins
I highly recommend this project
"As a non profit organisation they are always glad to receive volunteers. N.W.G. is just a small core team of 3 staff (Jon, Amy & Harriet) plus several local volunteers also supplemented by volunteers from VLA & other organisations. I genuinely do not know how they manage all the work they do on such a small budget, everyone is so motivated and dedicated to the cause. Come here if you want to; get stuck in, try new things, learn about yourself, challenge yourself, be part of a team, meet the local people, improve your Spanish. I highly recommend this project."- Catherine Ferro

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