Aligning with the Rhythm of Nature

Aligning with the Rhythm of Nature

After many years of struggling with illness in my body, and struggling in my heart for living a life I felt was a lie, I followed the leading of my soul and moved to Costa Rica. Part of my prayer for this new quest, was to find a way to heal and to live a life of freedom and divine purpose.   My prayer was answered in a more ways than I will share here, yet one part of the healing journey that I didn’t foresee or consciously desire, was the powerful effects of deep immersion in nature. Due to a series of synchronistic events, and the universe’s interesting way of answering my prayer for healing, I was led to live a very unconventional life living far off the beaten path on several rainforest lands in Costa Rica. I spent several years living off-grid, cooking on wood fire stoves, being deep in the jungle, harvesting much of what I ate from the lands I lived on, learning how to make medicines from the local healing plants, drinking water from the land, no internet, no cell reception, no televisions … with an abundant amount of time spent in nature … swimming in rivers and in the ocean, hiking through jungles, climbing mountains, being kissed by the sun, breathing fresh air, living in a very high vibrational environment.

While living immersed in the thick, lush tropical rainforest on some of the most spectacular and pristine lands imaginable, a profound shift started to take place within me. As my body fell into the rhythm of sleeping and waking with the natural cycles of light and dark – with the rising and setting of the sun, I naturally became more a real part of nature. I was syncing up to this great motherboard of life energy, nourishment, and healing. I went through such an intense period of detaching from my previous life, from urban realities, from online media, and from news of any kind, that it felt as if the forest had wrapped her emerald laced arms around me, and that I simply had become one with this vast mysterious living conscious organism that is Gaia.

Although I had been on a very serious path of natural healing for many years, it wasn’t until I spent a significant time rooted and grounded deep in the forests and high on the mountains, that I began to see significant changes in my own personal health. Many long bothersome symptoms simply faded from my experience. I found that my energy improved, as did my vision, my digestion, my monthly cycles, and much more. What is this seemingly magical energy that exists in nature that assists the healing process and can advance an individual’s awakening process?

In pristine places in nature the energy is pure and the vibration is high. As we spend time in nature our energy field is cleansed of excess energies, which helps us to feel lighter, more energized and clear. As we walk barefoot on the earth, sit or lay on the ground, or we dig into the soil with our hands, our electro-magnetic energy syncs up with the Earth. This is called Earthing or Grounding. By spending plenty of time immersed in nature we stay grounded, which ensures us to be more effective channels of energy and information. Additionally, when our bare skin is connected with the earth there is an interesting thing where free electrons are taken up into our bodies. These free electrons help to neutralize free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease. Nature is full of built in cures and remedies. From the purifying and nourishing qualities of sunlight to the cleansing and rejuvenating effects of pure pristine spring water – there is more power of healing to be found by spending time immersed and enmeshed with nature than there is any pharmacy or doctor’s office.

The more time I spent living deep in jungles and high on mountain tops, the more fine-tuned and potent grew my intuition. I was able to tune in and hear the plants talking to me - teaching me which ones were to be used for medicines and what their names were. Trees whispered in my ears and directed me on long explorations and discovery journeys through thick forests, into caves and ravines, up trees and tall stone walls. Animals and insects brought insights and lessons through frequent encounters and visitations, as they delivered me messages from the spirit realm to assist my crash course in the jungle mystery school I had found myself enrolled in.

I was able to easily hear what foods would be best for me to eat – which was usually what was in season and on the land. I learned what plants to make medicines from to heal my body. I learned how to live with awareness and resonance with the moon, the seasons, the cycles of the sun and the stars, and the migrations of the creatures.

Over the years of living plugged deep into nature, my health transformed to become vibrantly filled with vitality. The health issues I had so long struggled with and prayed for release from, finally all became only memories and lessons. This has taught me much about the perfect design of this Earth home, and the abundantly beautiful and perfect web of life and nature that truly defines the majesty of this royal gem of a planet. It has also taught me a lot about vibration. The vibration we exist in – that we occupy our body in – has a definite effect on our health. Disease cannot exist in a high vibration state. By letting go of lifestyle choices, thoughts, feelings, and physical toxins that were produced in a lower vibrational state, and by allowing natures purification systems to cleanse and help raise my vibration higher and higher, until all the manifestations of dis-ease and illness simply dissipated, I was able to shift my experience from suffering to thriving.

Please know that my experience of transformation and healing through living nestled in nature also included eating pure foods and healing my body with medicinal plants from nature – most of which I harvested and prepared myself. Nature is not a concept or something that exists only outside of ourselves. We are nature. Nature is us. Our bodies are extensions of our Mother Earth. So with that said, to immerse in nature includes the foods we nourish and heal our bodies with, the medicines of the Earth, in addition to our living and spending time in nature. Although I spend more time now in towns and travelling to various communities, events, and other destinations, nature is still my hospital … She is also my church. Great Gaia – Her body is my sanctuary; my healing garden to set me straight anytime I feel off balance.

Time in nature is one of the number one recommendations I suggest to almost all of my clients and students who are seeking healing in their bodies and in their lives. Time and time again I see the affirmative effects, as others experience how nature can ease our pain, awaken our awareness and intuition, wash away stress, lift the spirits, activate inspiration and creativity, heal the body, increase immunity, ground us, bring balance, inspire compassion, and so much more that most all of us humans need!

Whether you are in lands of desserts or lands of rainforests, in snowy frosty landscapes or sweltering tropical heat, find time to get out of the house, away from the phones and computers and gadgets, and get barefoot if possible… but if not, just get out and touch the earth, breath fresh air, feel the sunshine on your face … make it a habit, do it often, and start to notice how things change.


Sara Oakley
Added 29th May 2017

This is beautiful! And so very true! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your growth, adventure, realizations, and healing process. I can relate to this profoundly. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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