How Mexican Muralist Art Influenced the Modern World

Mexican Muralism inspired people worldwide to view art as something that’s not restricted within galleries and museums, making rich visuals available for all.

Christmas Traditions in Latin America

Forget reindeers, snow and roaring fires. A Latin American Christmas is a sunnier yet equally jolly affair of local and Catholic traditions.

Plaza de Mayo

The moving sight of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, seeking answers about their missing children during the Dirty War, is a Buenos Aires must.

Peru's Environmental Legislation is Steeped in History

Changes to environmental legislation in Peru poses serious questions for the future and survival of areas of natural beauty in Latin America, as it threatens to continue a cycle which began long ago.

Beyond Che - Your Local Revolutionaries

Learning a little about Nicaragua's past will tell you a lot about its present so take a moment to get acquainted with the country's most celebrated son.