About Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell has recently returned from three months travelling in Central America and currently lives in London where she works for a trade union.   She enjoys writing, art, cooking, meeting new people and of course travelling. Her favourite places so far have been Leon in

Nicaragua, Chefchaouen in Morocco and the Himalayas in Nepal and she is now looking forward to exploring her own capital.

Palm Oil in Guatemala, a Disturbing Series of Events

The recent death of an environmental activists has highlighted the deeply unsettling nature of palm oil production in Guatemala and the big businesses that pursue it.

Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica

Aww. Get up close to a cute and cuddly sloth. Sloth's, if you didn't know already, are adorable. Baby sloths even more so. Meet both at Costa Rica's dedicated sloth sanctuary.

Sugar - Leaving a Bitter Taste in Nicaragua

Sugar is one of Nicaragua's biggest exports, accounting for 5% of GDP in 2013. It is also thought to be the cause of over 10,000 premature deaths in the country so are Nicaragua's rural poor paying the ultimate price for economic growth?

The Nicaraguan Canal - Friend or Foe?

450 years after it was first proposed the Nicaragua Canal looks like it may be about to go ahead. A much needed economic boost or an environmental and humanitarian disaster waiting to happen?

What to Expect from your Casa Particular

Cuba's casa particulares make for a distinctive homestay experience and should not be missed.

Beyond Che - Your Local Revolutionaries

Learning a little about Nicaragua's past will tell you a lot about its present so take a moment to get acquainted with the country's most celebrated son.