The Benefits Of Being A Partner Organisation

The Benefits Of Being A Partner Organisation

Are you a voluntary organisation, non-profit or small business looking for an effective way of reaching people who are actively searching for volunteer opportunities in Central and South America?

Being listed on the Volunteer Latin America website will boost your organisation's online reach and fundraising capacity.

Aside from advertising your volunteer opportunities, we can link to your wish list, donation page and/or online shop.

We are a one-stop shop for volunteering and providing aid to organisations based in Central and South America.

Here are some of the benefits of being a partner organisation:

- Free link to your website (high quality SEO link)
- Free links to your wish list, donation page and/or online shop (optional)
- Free formatting, including spell check and insertion of Google map and icons
- No commission or listing fees - 100% free advertising
- Freedom to login and modify your project listing(s) at any time
- Option to have 2 project listings with web links
- Option to share project information on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
- Option to 'unlock' project information
- Increase your online reach and fundraising capacity
- Gain valuable insights and fresh perspectives from our staff
- Long-standing and reputable volunteering platform
- Environmentally-friendly volunteering platform
- Volunteering platform dedicated to Central and South America
- Easy-to-use volunteering platform
- Reach a global audience of talented volunteers and interns
- Volunteer inquires go straight to your inbox (no need to login to our website to check/respond to messages)

If you offer affordable, safe, fun and meaningful volunteer opportunities please get in touch with us today. Reap the benefits of being a partner organisation.


Sharon Smart
Added 21st January 2022

Hi, we are an non-profit based in Guatemala. We would like to become a partner organization.

Added 11th November 2021

Hi! I'm in charge of the volunteer in Spay Panama who is a non profit organization located in Panamá. I would like to be part of you program.

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