Powered By the Sun

Powered By the Sun

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be running our office on 100% renewable energy. We had to change our location in 2020 which meant we could no longer acquire 100% of our energy requirements from renewable sources. However, we are now back on track and the sun will be fully powering our operations before the end of this month (June 2021). Other environmental best practices include running a paperless office and integrating truly ethical products and services into our personal lives and business practices (i.e. by using energy efficient devices, products that have been recycled, not tested on animals or carry the Fair Trade mark). For example, we use one of the most environmentally-friendly laptops on the market. We are extremely proud of our green credentials and will soon reclaim the status of being the ‘greenest’ volunteering platform on the planet.


Luca Mario
Added 24th October 2023

Why are you bothering to do this when you explicitly deny the link between CO2 emissions and global warming?

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