About Sean Mowbray

Sean Mowbray

Sean Mowbray recently graduated from the University of Dundee with a degree in History & International Relations.

His interests include the history of Latin America, domestic politics and environmental issues. In his spare time Sean is never too far away from a book, enjoys writing and discovering new places. 

His current mission is to learn all there is to know about Pre-Colombian Civilisation in South America.

Currently travelling in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia – Sean plans to undertake a Masters in the not too distant future.

Volunteering with Wildlife

Assisting in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking has never been so important, find out why in this blog about volunteering with wildlife.

Peru's Environmental Legislation is Steeped in History

Changes to environmental legislation in Peru poses serious questions for the future and survival of areas of natural beauty in Latin America, as it threatens to continue a cycle which began long ago.

Ingapirca - Discovering Ecuador's Incan Ruins

It may not have the mystical allure of its more famous counterpart in Peru (Machu Pichu for the uninitiated), but at Ecuador's most significant Pre-Hispanic historical site you will find much of interest.

Mitad Del Mundo - Ethnographic Museum

A journey to Ecuador in South America will almost inevitably include a trip to the Equator and Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo, the City at the Middle of the World.

Under Threat: Ecuador's Yasuni National Park

Ecuador's Yasuni National Park is one of the world's most precious areas, but it is under threat as the lure of oil threatens its destruction.