About Sara Mizzi

Sara Mizzi

Sara Mizzi is a freelance nature and wildlife conservation writer who has been published in a number of international magazines and newspapers including Africa Geographic Magazine and The Sunday Times.

She has a growing appreciation of the fragility of our biodiversity and what each of us can do to help. She has written articles with subject matters ranging from pangolins to dugongs to mammoths to the beautiful Buddhist marvel of Bhutan and many more. Culture, wildlife and conservation is at the forefront of everything she believes in which truly resonates in all of her articles.

To view all of her articles please visit www.sara-mizzi.com

Saving the World's Slowest Mammals

There are various ways to help save this cuddly creature such as preventing habitat loss, public education, and providing rehabilitation and veterinary care to injured, orphaned and abandoned sloths.

The Lions of Brazil

Along the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil humans have become the biggest threat to the Golden Lion Tamarins who now live in fragmented pockets of land.