Kalango - The World of Brazilian Rhythms

Whether you want to start a batucada or samba percussion group, add to or update current instruments, Kalango is definitively well worth a visit.

Colombian Film 'Memoria' Starring Tilda Swinton

While traversing the jungles of Colombia Jessica begins experiencing a mysterious sensory syndrome and tries to find the sources of the sounds causing her insomnia.

After 10 Years of Filming in Yantalo, Peru Documentary Completed

Filming in the jungle of Peru for 10 years, "Mortality of Dreams" follows the dream of Dr. Luis Vasquez to construct an international volunteer-run hospital.

Acoustic Alchemy: Guitar Building Course

Build the guitar of your dreams in just 10 days in the heart of Argentina on Paul Aguilera's new intensive residential course.

How to Sell Your Photos

It takes skill to take the type of photos people pay for, but many amateur snappers are doing just that. Find out where to sell your images.

The Selvámonos Festival

The Selvámonos Festival takes place in Oxapampa, Peru at the end of June, and features cultural events, alternative music and thousands of partygoers.

Gente de Bien

Gente de bien directed by Franco Lolli is the first significant Colombian feature film to be released in the UK since Maria Full of Grace.

Latin America Reading List: Poetry

Reading some Latin American poetry is a great way to get acquainted with the politics and spirit of the region.

Latin America Reading List: Fiction

When travelling in Latin America, reading some of the region's most famous authors could be a ticket to good conversation and new friends.

Taking Better Pictures

Memorable travel experiences can be hard to capture on camera, but if you're often disappointed by your photos, follow these simple tips to take better pictures.