About Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight is the founder and manager of Volunteer Latin America, a site that’s visited daily by thousands of people interested in finding affordable work abroad programs in Central and South America. Before turning to the volunteer sector, he worked in the realm of environmental protection. He has a higher national diploma in environmental monitoring and protection and a bachelor of science degree in environmental science.

Aside from managing a website, his favourite things in life include nature, sport, travel, world-music, green living, good food, laughter, and spending time with his partner and their dog. With a steady supply of Colombian coffee streaming through his veins, he will enthusiastically contribute to this blog. If you would like to contact him please send an email to steve@volunteerlatinamerica.com

Season's Greetings & Christmas Giveaway

As 2019 draws to a close, Volunteer Latin America would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, healthy, and joyful New Year.

After 10 Years of Filming in Yantalo, Peru Documentary Completed

Filming in the jungle of Peru for 10 years, "Mortality of Dreams" follows the dream of Dr. Luis Vasquez to construct an international volunteer-run hospital.

Have You Ever Wanted To Volunteer?

The possibility to combine travel, adventure and volunteering while also having a positive impact on the world is more possible than ever before.

Cryptocurrency to Facilitate Travel and Volunteering Overseas

Investing in cryptocurrencies carries a risk but could offer travellers and volunteers an exceptional way of funding a trip overseas.

Yurt Life and the Glory of Glamping

Now you can camp in complete luxury with all of the comforts of home plus the sought-after enjoyment of the outdoors.

Wildlife & Conservation Careers without a University Degree

Guidance to help budding young conservationists and mid-career switchers get international wildlife and conservation jobs.

Don't Take a Gap Year - Take a Gap Life!

A reality check for young people regarding education, university, and student debt, and ideas for taking a different path in light of looming advances in technology and a society in decline.

Reflecting on 2018 and Looking Ahead to 2019

As we come to the end of another year, we'd like to say thank you for your continued support, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.

Free Membership & Christmas Draw

Everyone that posts a volunteer review between now and 21st December will receive two years free membership and automatically be entered into our Christmas prize draw.

Volunteer Guide: Back by Demand!

Volunteer Guides are a unique volunteer travel resource that provide personalised information about projects in Central and South America.