The Healing Power of Old Growth Forests

The Healing Power of Old Growth Forests

Although healing can happen anywhere and anytime, I also like to encourage people to seek time in nature if they wish to accelerate and strongly impact their healing process. I especially recommend old growth forests.

Old growth forests are vibrating with a vital life force. The energetics are strong, the oxygen high, and the air more pure than most of us normally experience. It is here in these lush, living factories of oxygen and diversity, an almost magical influence occurs - that of accelerating and enhancing growth and change. Healing is a type of transformation - it is a letting go of what does not benefit us, and allowing for new life to grow. This is very much aligned with the overall reality of forest medicine - the constant shedding and decaying alongside the sprouting, expanding, growing, and blossoming.

Forest medicine is grounding, nourishing, strengthening, purifying, activating, and transforming. When we spend time in the forests, we expose ourselves to the true reality. Away from the illusions of reality - the hustle and bustle, fast paced life of the matrix - we slow down to the real speed of life. Nature encourages us to detox all that we have been carrying, all that has weighed us down, and open ourselves to the remembrance of our true nature.

Many indigenous cultures have believed that sickness occurs when we stray from the truth. Sickness is often seen as a call to return to the self. Pain and illness are just messengers - telling us to look to some part of our life and that something needs our attention. -As we step away from the human constructed world, and we step out into nature - our natural rhythms can return, and the awareness that we are more than what we were taught we are.

For the last 12 years I have been living in or very near tropical rainforests in Central America. I have helped run programs, retreats, and classes in these forests, and I have witnessed many miracles in this time. I have had the honour to stand near and witness as lives transformed through accelerated awakening, physical healing, and inspired life purpose.

Breathing the oxygen-rich air, connecting with the earth, witnessing beauty and diversity, aligning with nature's vibration - we have an opportunity to re-set ourselves. As we sync with nature, we awaken our inner healer - our own natural ability to eliminate disease and live vibrantly. The energetic abundance of the forests stimulates our cellular memory and invokes a sort of experience of self discovery - a remembering of parts of ourselves long forgotten.

Forests are a key element in nature - found throughout the world. The reality of living in paved cities, devoid of forests, is not a reality that has long been a part of human history. Our destruction of these givers of breath and air, and our walking into a new world of concrete and electric lighting, has created disturbances in our energetic and physical bodies. As we return and spend time in the forests, we call back the parts of ourselves forgotten and ignored. We can glimpse, and perhaps even embody, our true nature. This is where the healing happens. This is where the change occurs. Here we step out of the limiting beliefs, the tragic reality of missing part of ourselves, and we begin to allow for transformation into a more vitality and joy.

I am very excited and honoured to continue helping organize events for all the beautiful souls who are seeking healing in nature. Those who want to utilize the power of the forests - the vibration that is shared when we spend time in them, as well as enjoying their medicines and foods.

If you or someone you know is ready for a next level activation of health, soul purpose, success, or spirituality, I have several very exciting retreats coming up in the next several months, and all are located at incredible centres that are immersed in old growth rainforests. Visit my website for more information.

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