Say Hola to UK TV/Radio Unblocker

Say Hola to UK TV/Radio Unblocker

One issue that Britons often face when travelling abroad is how to stream their favourite TV programmes or listen to live sports commentary. Access to online radio stations and video sites such as BBC Five Live and BBC iPlayer are blocked unless you are in UK. One way to view, stream, or download from UK websites is to use a UK Proxy or VPN Server; however, some of the best service providers require a monthly or yearly payment.

Hola makes it easier than ever to access blocked content and is free. Hola offers a free app for Windows and Android, and can be used as a browser extension on Google Chrome and Firefox. The beauty of Hola is that there's no set up time, no changing of settings, and no impact on internet speeds. Compared to other VPN/Proxy/VPN services, Hola unblocks content without slowing everything down.

Whether you're a backpacker looking to watch Strictly Come Dancing, or you're hankering for a dose of Alan Green's football commentary at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon,  you never need to worry about British sites suddenly treating you as a foreigner. Hola can also be used to access video content in other countries such as the USA or access sites censored in your country. Remove regional locks and watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Pandora and more with Hola (

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