Human Content Writing Over Artificial Intelligence

Human Content Writing Over Artificial Intelligence

We are approached on an almost daily basis about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write "high-quality" blog articles and social media posts in seconds. Apparently, thousands of businesses are "supercharging" their daily work through the power of generative AI. A powerful tool that can generate content quickly and take a website to the next level sounds amazing, but we have decided not to implement AI into our business. We would love to save time and effort without compromising on the quality of our content, but this isn't the reality with these AI-powered tools.

Professionals we know have been experimenting with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence programmes in their work. Yes, generative AI spat out content in seconds, but the problem is it’s been trained on information publicly available from the internet, books and Wikipedia, this information isn't always accurate and there is clearly a left-wing partisan political bias. We have read many eye-popping threads and articles ourselves that tells us everything we need to know about the bias of ChatGPT. ChatGPT is clearly being influenced by the human trainers responsible for feeding it data. "People programmed it to programme people" is how one person described ChatGPT on Twitter. Someone else described it on Twitter as a "woke scam". Many tests have shown ChatGPT churns out biased information which destroy its credibility. Elon Musk described the damage done to the credibility of AI by ChatGPT engineers building in political bias as "a serious concern". We will have to wait and see if Elon Musk's own AI called TruthGPT will be any different but current AI-powered tools cannot be relied upon to provide us with high-quality blog articles and social media posts.

We fully understand the advantages to using AI to 10X our content production, but it simply can't compete with the human brain. Creating great content is hard work and you must spend many hours researching and crafting a blog post. AI could never produce an article such as this one published in March 2021 that focuses on carbon dioxide (CO2) and its role in global warming. It goes against the consensus reality and undermines a very big political agenda. Just imagine how many decades of climate propaganda AI has likely been fed! How could AI possibly be the ministry of truth on CO2 or climate change. Currently, AI simply can't provide us with top-notch content and for this reason we will never use it write blog articles and social media posts. Top-notch content is best written by a human writer.

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