Vegan Volunteering Abroad

Vegan Volunteering Abroad

Vegan travel can be challenging at times in Latin America but what if you want to get involved in volunteer work? As you are aware a vegan diet contains no animal products whatsoever, including eggs, cheese and milk. Despite this limiting factor vegan volunteering doesn't have to be too much of a hassle or stressful. On the contrary, there are already volunteer abroad programs catering to individuals living a vegan lifestyle and vegan oriented organisations - which reject all forms of animal exploitation. Current options include a work exchange program at an organic farm and animal sanctuary in Costa Rica, a jungle ashram in Ecuador, a wildlife rescue center in Costa Rica, an animal shelter in Brazil, a yoga ashram in Nicaragua, and an animal sanctuary in Colombia.

Looking ahead, vegan volunteering abroad should become more prevalent, with more and more organisations offering vegan options. Veganism has become trendy and in the United Kingdom alone, the number of vegans has risen 350% over the past 10 years. This lifestyle choice has gained a lot of traction in many other countries around the world, including Australia, Germany, Brazil, United States, China, and Switzerland. Australia, United Arab Emirates and China have the fastest growing vegan markets in the world. Some people are removing animal products from their diet for health reasons, while others are approaching veganism form an animal welfare perspective.

The vegan travel market may be small at present but it is fast growing and is close to entering the mainstream. Lonely Planet says one of the hottest travel trends in 2018 will be vegan and vegetarian travel. This means a plethora of new vegan-friendly accommodation, restaurants, tours, and travel experiences. No matter where you want to travel the options are becoming more bountiful and easier to find online and in guidebooks. Research and planning is the cornerstone of vegan travel, from the local food scene to learning some key words in the local language. This course of action ensures a trip runs much more smoothly, and the increasing number of vegan options means your homework just got a whole lot easier.

We want to expand the possibilities on Volunteer Latin America and will introduce a new category for vegans on our volunteer abroad web page in 2018. We will list more organisations that are championing veganism and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to give all the information you need to thrive as a vegan volunteer in Central and South America. A way of volunteering in this wonderful region of the world that is affordable, meaningful, healthy and sustainable. You will soon be ready to pack your bag and hit the road in search of new volunteer adventures and delicious vegan food in 2018. Happy (vegan) volunteering.

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