Suntribe Natural Body Butter & Sunscreen Review

Impressed by the companies approach to cosmetics and commitment to sustainability, I decided to try a few of their products.

Journeying with Huachuma, the Sacred Andean Cactus

Can plants really help us access mystical realms and impossible cures? A very special cactus from the Andes just may prove that it is possible.

Spiritual Revolution and the Fulfillment of Prophecies

Will the ancient teachings and traditions of native cultures in the Americas lead us towards a new consciousness for humanity?

The Cacao Ceremony

This Meso-American tradition is making quite a comeback because cacao ceremonies promote emotional and spiritual healing, and feelings of love and bliss.

Education Off the Beaten Path

Adventures in nature and learning from foreign cultures can be a truly enlightening and enriching approach to education for people of all ages! We spent over a decade with classrooms off the beaten path.

Ayahuasca Adventures - How This Ancient Medicine Changed My Life

A very personal sharing of remarkable healing and transformation through using the ancient Amazonian plant medicine, Ayahuasca.

The Healing Power of Old Growth Forests

Time spent in the natural setting of an old growth forest can accelerate and strongly impact the healing process.

Beyond the Clinic and Into the Realm of Uncommon Healing

In a quest for the keys to true healing, I was led far from the classrooms and clinics commonly filled by others seeking the answers to our ills.

Aligning with the Rhythm of Nature

An exploratory look at how to utilize the healing energy of nature to transform our lives and achieve supreme health.

Natures Medicine Chest of the Tropical Rainforest

Tropical rainforests are truly a cornucopia of natural medicines and I'll be forever personally grateful for the healing power and remedies from these lush green forests.