Sun Rising Over Global Warming - Carbon Dioxide Debate

The apocalyptic predictions of anthropogenic global warming has been completely overblown, along with corresponding villainization of CO2.

Flight Shaming is Illogical - The Ethics of Air Travel

The flight shame movement has certainly gained momentum but the growing resistance to flying is illogical when you look at the evidence.

Getting that Remote Location Vibration

Taking a break at a remote location is a great way to detox from an ocean of man-made wireless frequencies and tune-in to earth's natural resonance.

Palm Oil in Guatemala, a Disturbing Series of Events

The recent death of an environmental activists has highlighted the deeply unsettling nature of palm oil production in Guatemala and the big businesses that pursue it.

World Record for Tree Planting

Ecuador has broken a world record for reforestation, showcasing the importance of volunteering.

Inside the Páramo

Get a glimpse of the páramo, an important and unsung alpine ecosystem in the South American Andes.

The Nicaraguan Canal - Friend or Foe?

450 years after it was first proposed the Nicaragua Canal looks like it may be about to go ahead. A much needed economic boost or an environmental and humanitarian disaster waiting to happen?

A Renewable Energy Future

Small Countries, Giant Goals: Central American bastions of ecotourism well on their way to achieving ambitious renewable energy goals.

Carbon Offsets - Shortcuts are Not the Answer

Carbon offsetting is not a 'magic bullet' to prevent further climate change or a solution to the growth in emissions. We need to examine our lifestyles and consumptive behaviour.

Under Threat: Ecuador's Yasuni National Park

Ecuador's Yasuni National Park is one of the world's most precious areas, but it is under threat as the lure of oil threatens its destruction.